What is 'Sumplete', an original puzzle that can actually be played, developed using the chat AI 'ChatGPT'?

The interactive AI ``ChatGPT'' developed by the AI development organization OpenAI returns text with human-like accuracy to the input text. So far, we have introduced

how to use ChatGPT to play TRPGs , and we have proposed ways to use it that go beyond text output. A user who created a unique puzzle ' Sumplete ' with such ChatGPT explains the development process.


ChatGPT invented its own puzzle game. - by Puzzled Penguin

This is the original puzzle 'Sumplete' created by software developer Daniel Tate using ChatGPT.

Squares with numbers are prepared in Simplete, and the total sum of the numbers in each row and column matches the number written thinly outside the squares. However, since there are some ``wrong numbers'' that do not match the calculation, it is OK if you mark the wrong numbers with x and the correct numbers with correct calculation. In addition, ○× can be attached by clicking the squares.

By opening the pull-down menu, you can set the squares from 3x3 beginners to 9x9 masters.

The video below shows how I challenged Simplete. A 3x3 square puzzle is easy to solve, but a 9x9 square is much more difficult.

I tried the original puzzle 'Sumplete' devised by ChatGPT - YouTube

Mr. Tate, who created Summarye using ChatGPT, looks back on the development process.

Tate first asked ChatGPT, 'What new puzzle game should try if I enjoy sudoku?' Then ChatGPT presented Kakuro , Oekaki Logic , Kenken , Leave me alone , and Slitherlink .

But Mr. Tate, who was familiar with these puzzles, decided to invent a new puzzle of his own. When Mr. Tate asked, 'Can you invent a logic puzzle similar to sudoku that doesn't currently exist', ChatGPT is in the rules of Sudoku I created a new logic puzzle named 'Labyrinth Sudoku' with squares that cannot contain numbers.

Furthermore, when Mr. Tate asked to invent another logic puzzle with 'Invent another one', in the fourth question ChatGPT was named 'Sum Delete' I created a puzzle for

Mr. Tate who liked 'Sum Delete' asked 'Can you please code a playable version of this using HTML and Javascript.'

ChatGPT then created a fully playable version in just 30 seconds.

To improve the design, Mr. Tate entered 'Now could you please make the game look nicer by adding some

css ' and made further improvements.

Tate's test play, addition of new functions, and design improvements were repeated, and 'Sum Delete' was finally completed.

In addition, Mr. Tate asked ChatGPT 'What do you want to call it?' and devised the official name of 'Sum Delete'. Ultimately ChatGPT suggested 'how about 'Sumplete', a combination of 'sum' and 'complete'?', Tate named this puzzle 'Sumplete' adopted.

According to Mr. Tate, the creation of Simplete was completed in just a few hours.

Mr. Tate said, 'I hope you enjoy the puzzle,' and publishes the Simplete.

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