I tried Kentucky's 'Teriyaki Egg Twister', which is excellent with boneless chicken and Toro Toro egg

Twister, one of Kentucky's classic menus, has a new ' Teriyaki Egg Twister ', which is a combination of teriyaki sauce and Toro Toro eggs. Kentucky's standard menu has '

Teriyaki Twister ', but I tried to see how the taste would change by adding a toro-ri egg to this.

Teriyaki Egg Twister | Kentucky Fried Chicken

[“Teriyaki x egg” perfect for spring! ] Spring new products appear in KFC Twister! `` Teriyaki Egg Twister '' limited quantity sale from March 8 (Wednesday) | Japan KFC Holdings Co., Ltd. KFC Holdings Japan, Ltd.

So, I immediately ordered 'Teriyaki Egg Twister' (390 yen including tax) in Kentucky. I also ordered 'Teriyaki Twister' (360 yen including tax) for comparison.

Looking closely at the packaging, the Teriyaki Twister was printed with 'Teriyaki'.

Contents is like this. You can't see the ingredients inside because it's wrapped in a tortilla.

Comparing the size with the iPhone 12 with a vertical length of 146.7 mm, it looks like this, the twister is longer.

Looking inside the teriyaki egg twister tortilla, Kentucky's boneless chicken kernel crispy and lettuce, teriyaki sauce, egg and mayonnaise were wrapped.

I also checked the contents of the Teriyaki Twister, but it seems that the other ingredients are the same except that the egg is not included.

Eggs were in a state in which soft-boiled trotters were broken in advance.

Of course, the white part is also included.

When you hold it in your hand and eat it, the sweet and salty taste of the teriyaki sauce spreads at first, but the scent of the spices used in the chicken immediately dominates your mouth. You can realize that 'Kentucky's chicken is so spiced so well', and you will be reminded that chicken sold at other fast food chains and convenience stores and Kentucky's chicken are different things. As the egg comes into the mouth firmly, the overall taste changes considerably, so it is good to be able to enjoy a completely different taste between the part with a lot of eggs and the part without it. Needless to say, the compatibility of eggs and teriyaki sauce is excellent with the exciting spices of kernel crispy, and it is a level that makes you wonder why it was not on the standard menu so far.

In addition, 'Teriyaki egg twister' is on sale for a limited time & limited quantity at 390 yen including tax. The ``Teriyaki Egg Twister Set'', which is a set of M size drink and S size potato, is 750 yen including tax. .

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