The legendary kusoge ``Ikki'' came back as an exhilarating rogue-like game in which barrages collide ``Ikki unity'' play review

The legendary kusoge ``

Ikki '' will launch `` Ikki Danketsu' ' in 2023 . Released on May 14th. I actually played this game where both enemies and allies shoot bullets and continue to survive.

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Steam: Unite Once

You can check some excerpts of the battle scene of unity in the following video.

Excerpt from the battle scene of the barrage roguelike action game `` Ikki unity ''-YouTube

'Ikki Unity' has single play and multiplayer, but this time we will play with the main 'multiplayer' of this game.

If you don't have friends to unite with, you can choose 'Quick Match'. Matchmaking begins with players from all over the world.

Characters are automatically selected when matched. This time it is decided to be an attack type 'Bouncer'. His main weapon is a 'katana', and if he hits continuously, his attack power will increase steadily. The unity skill, which is a character-specific special move, is 'mind's eye', and when activated, it has the effect of greatly reducing the cooldown of all allies' main items.

The game starts when all 16 characters are decided. In the multiplayer mode, 4 players are placed in pairs in each corner of a wide map, and while defeating enemies in various places, all 4 pairs finally come together to fight a strong enemy. .

The battle of unity is automatic, that is, the attack is automatically launched. The player can only control the movement of the character.

That doesn't mean you don't have to do anything, but there are various things to think about, such as efficiently attacking while dodging enemies that attack you in a narrow space, or picking up the right items in the right situation.

Among the items, I would like to actively collect the 'koban' that are dropped by defeated enemies. By collecting coins, you can gain experience points, level up, and acquire new weapons and items.

Items and 'Tsuzura' filled with items can be acquired and opened just by being touched by the character. There are various types of items, such as 'food' that restores the character's HP and increases movement speed, and 'materials' that are necessary to use sub-weapons.

Secondary weapons are weapons that can be used in addition to the main weapon. Unlike the main weapon, it requires specific materials to use. Since the materials are shared by the team, it is OK to actively acquire materials when there is room.

When one of the 16 people touches the merchant on the side of the road, a shop called 'Manya' will open, and you can select and acquire one sub-weapon or sub-item. Sub-weapons are divided into 4 types depending on the material required, but you can only obtain 1 of each material. In the initial state, you can only acquire up to 3 sub-items, so careful judgment is required when acquiring them. If you are an offensive bouncer, one of the recommended items is the sub-item 'Gloves' that reduces the cooldown of your main weapon.

Coalition skills are sometimes sold at many shops, so it's a good idea to acquire them as soon as you see them. With the exception of some characters, there is basically no loss in acquiring unity skills.

The unity skill will be activated in Noriza when you get an item called 'Protein A' that has fallen on the side of the road.

A special cut-in will be entered, and all 16 people participating in the game will be informed of 'what kind of unity skill was used'.

It is a game where you aim for victory by making full use of weapons, items, and unity skills, and completing several 'waves' that are reset by defeating bosses. You can check the state of the boss battle in the following video.

Boss battle of barrage roguelike action game 'Ikki unity' - YouTube

This game is set at a rather high difficulty level, and since there are 16 people involved in the game, even though it has a simple feel of operation, skillful fighting is required. Basically, it is OK to act in a group of four people and keep in mind cooperative play such as handing over recovery items to allies whose physical strength has decreased.

The unity skill also varies considerably depending on the character. For example, the unity skill of the character Magoichi, who replenishes all materials, is relatively strong, but he can temporarily summon some allies from other groups. 'Hideyori' may get in the way of allies in some cases. Depending on the character, it is also necessary to consider the option of not activating the unity skill.

That said, Ikki Unity is a new game that was just released on February 15, 2023, so the difficulty may be adjusted in future updates. In fact, Hideyori's unity skill has been

reworked once. I look forward to future updates.

Ultimately, there are many 'things you should do' and 'things you shouldn't do', but for the time being, don't think too hard and communicate with 'nice!' If you keep it, you will get closer to clearing the game. After clearing the game, the score and the MVP among the 16 players will be displayed, so it's fun to watch your success in numbers and immerse yourself in the afterglow.

The spectacle of another group rushing in in the middle of a battle with a formidable enemy is exactly what a uprising is all about. It was a game where like-minded allies landed on different lands, became stronger through battle, and finally united to face a formidable enemy.

The price of unity is 1480 yen including tax and is sold on Steam. The first major update to add the 'back side' is

scheduled to take place on March 24, 2023.

Steam: Unite Once

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