I drank 'Suntory Natural Water Kiritto Fruit Orange & Mango', which is refreshing and comfortable to drink without leaving the sweetness of mango and orange.

In May 2022 , Suntory Tennensui Kiritto Kajitsu Orange & Mango, a drink containing fruit juice, will be added to

Suntory Tennensui, known for its mineral water and sparkling water. was recorded.

From March 21, 2023 (Tuesday), `` Pink Grapefruit & Muscat '' will be added to the lineup for a limited time, and `` Orange & Mango '' will also have a new package, so drink the new package as soon as possible. I tried it.

Suntory Tennensui Kiritto Fruit

This is the new package 'Suntory Natural Water Kiritto Fruit Orange & Mango'.

Vitamin C, vitamin B6, and niacin are blended in amounts that are more than one day's worth of the 'Nutrient Labeling Standard Values'.

Raw materials include natural mineral water, fruits (oranges, mandarin oranges, mangoes), sugars (sugar, high fructose liquid sugar), salt, etc. The energy is 31 kcal per 100 ml, and 186 kcal for 600 ml per bottle.

It is said that the fruit juice component may float or precipitate, but this time there was no precipitation.

It looks like this when poured into a glass. It has a sweet fruit scent. When you drink it, there is a distinctly different mango sweetness from flavored water, followed by a sour taste like a combination of mango and orange. It is not so thick that it can be described as juice, and you can drink it cleanly without that unique feeling that remains in your mouth after drinking orange juice.

The suggested retail price of 'Suntory Natural Water Kiritto Fruit Orange & Mango' is 160 yen excluding tax. Amazon.co.jp sells 24 bottles for 2546 yen including tax, which is 106 yen including tax per bottle.

Amazon | Suntory Natural Water Kiritto Fruit Orange & Mango 600ml x 24 Bottles | Natural Water | Mineral Water Mail Order

In addition, when the old package and the new package are arranged side by side, the depiction of mountains and fruits has changed slightly.

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