People who think 'I am an alien who came to save the earth' What is 'Star Seed'?

Most people living on the earth think that they are earthlings, but there are

starseed who believe that they are aliens who were born as humans to save the earth. There are people called Ken Drinkwater , who studies cognition and parapsychology at Manchester Metropolitan University in the United Kingdom, explains what kind of recognition Starseed people have and what kind of people are likely to wake up as Starseeds. .

Starseeds: psychologists on why some people think they're aliens living on earth

Starseeds are people who believe that they have reincarnated as Earthlings from a planet other than Earth in another dimension in order to heal the Earth and lead humanity to a 'golden age' full of happiness and prosperity. That's what I mean. It may seem pretty strange, but TikTok and Instagram are full of posts by people who call themselves starseed, with a total of 10 videos on TikTok tagged as #starseed . It has been played over a billion times.

According to Drinkwater, Starseed considers himself to be a link between God's realm and the earth, and that he can move between galaxies through meditation. Starseeds also believe that they can communicate not only in human language, but in what is called the ' light language .'

The following features are considered to be the points to distinguish whether you are a star seed.

Feeling a lack of belonging
・I'm looking for the meaning of life.
・It is spiritual.
・I have a strong intuition.
• Empathetic.
・Because the soul is not accustomed to the human body, it has many physical and mental problems.
・I want to help humanity.
You will be overwhelmed by life on Earth, so you need to spend time alone to recharge.
・Interested in new cultures and territories, such as conspiracy theories, ancient civilizations, and knowledge of health.

There should be a lot of people who say that these ``points to distinguish whether you are a star seed'' apply to you. However, research shows that many people

are searching for meaning in life , feeling displaced , and lacking a sense of belonging , all of which are traits that most people have to some degree or another. Thing.

When we hear explanations about vague and general properties like this, we call it the ' Barnum Effect ', a phenomenon in which we think that something is special that applies to us or the group to which we belong. Drinkwater and colleagues point out that the Barnum effect causes some people to believe they are starseeds, even though no extraterrestrial life or aliens have ever been discovered on Earth. increase.

Starseeds are a form of New Age belief that emerged in the late 20th century. There are many New Age philosophies, but they all look at existence from a cosmic perspective and focus on things like personal spirituality and spiritual exploration. In recent years, interest in New Age has been increasing due to distrust of science and doubts about conventional values.

Drinkwater and colleagues also point out that people who are fanciful or prone to source-monitoring errors that confuse reality with fiction may be more likely to believe in starseeds. People who have difficulty distinguishing between figurative and factual descriptions, and who tend to take transcendental language literally, are also more likely to support Starseed's ideas.

In the case of Starseeds, there are several books published by major publishers, so it may feel more credible. ``Indeed, life as we know it may not be as simple as we once imagined,'' said Drinkwater and colleagues.

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