Why does Germany dare to leave 'dangerous playground equipment'?

There are various kinds of playground equipment, and it is a park that is rooted in the area as a valuable playground for children, but in recent years it has been reported that some of the playground equipment has been removed because it is dangerous for children. On the other hand, in Germany, which similarly recognizes some playground equipment as dangerous, an attempt to dare to leave dangerous playground equipment has started. Philip Alterman reporter of The Guardian explained why.

Learning the ropes: why Germany is building risk into its playgrounds | Germany | The Guardian


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This is a huge athletic tower ' Triitopia.01 ' on the outskirts of Berlin. It is a complex athletic with multiple tunnels, slides, and nets, and is nearly 7 meters high. However, by arranging the net, it seems that it is designed so that children will not fall from a height of 2.26 meters or more.

According to Altermann, in Germany many educators, manufacturers and urban planners believe that 'playgrounds are not about absolute safety, but about children being able to get through difficult situations, even if it takes some effort.' It must be a challenging microcosm that teaches us.'

Based on the belief that `` if you want children to be prepared for danger, it is necessary for children to be in contact with danger, '' the development and installation of such athletics is underway throughout Germany.

A 2004

study found that children who improved their motor skills on the playground in childhood were less likely to have accidents as they got older. Insurance companies agree with setting up playground equipment with low safety in order to improve the athletic ability and risk management skills of young people. We are calling for more playgrounds to learn.

“Our designs have taken a significant step forward in recent years,” says David Koehler, co-director of Berliner, which manufactures the Triitopia. “Children may feel intimidated when they first climb onto our net, but that is what makes the structure safer,” says Koehler. When you're in the middle of the day, you're extra cautious,' he said.

In addition, ' Triitopia.02 ' which Triitopia.01 expanded to 10 meters in height is also made.

German playground equipment is said to be certified by the association 'TÜV', which issues automobile road qualification certificates to German drivers. Therefore, in a sense, the safety of playground equipment is comparable to that of automobiles. This association does not bind the industry with rules, but is instructed to conduct flexible risk assessment by training its own 'playground inspectors'.

'Germany's dizzying climbing towers may soon be introduced to Britain and the United States,' says Altermann. There may come a time when not only the risks but also the benefits are considered,' he said.

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