I tried using a thermos `` vacuum insulation pot coffee maker '' that can realize a comfortable space where you can enjoy authentic coffee at any time you like Review

Thermos' ' Vacuum Insulated Pot Coffee Maker ' is a coffee maker with a mechanism that 'makes drip coffee with the push of a button, and the finished coffee can be directly placed in a heat-retaining container to keep it warm for a long time.' Since such a 'vacuum insulation pot coffee maker' came to the editorial department, we confirmed the procedure to actually make drip coffee and keep it warm following

the appearance check , realizing 'environment where you can drink warm hot coffee at your favorite timing' I tried.

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The 'Vacuum Insulated Pot Coffee Maker' is a coffee maker that includes an electric coffee dripper and a vacuum insulated pot. The set contents and appearance of 'Vacuum Insulated Pot Coffee Maker' are checked in detail in the following article. This time, I will actually make coffee with 'Vacuum Insulated Pot Coffee Maker'.

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To make coffee with the 'Vacuum Insulated Pot Coffee Maker', you first need to prepare coffee powder. This time, I bought ' Ogawa Coffee Shop Ogawa Premium Blend Powder ' at the nearest supermarket.

First, insert the power cord into the outlet.

Next, open the lid on the top and set the dripper.

Set the paper filter on the dripper. Five paper filters are included, but if you run out of accessories, you can use a commercially available trapezoidal filter. The size is for 2 to 4 people (102 size).

After setting the filter, add coffee grounds. Add 1 scoop (approx. 7g) to the attached spoon for 1 cup (approx. 110ml) of coffee. You can make up to 5 cups of coffee at once.

After adding the ground coffee, smooth it out with a spoon.

Next, fill the water tank with water. At this time, please note that drip may stop when hot water is added.

Add water using the scale on the left side of the main unit as a guide. Since I want to make 5 cups of coffee this time, I added water to the '5' scale.

After adding coffee grounds and water, close the lid.

Next, set the vacuum insulation pot.

Finally, press the power button to start coffee drip.

While dripping, the bottom of the power button lights orange.

When the orange light goes out, it's done. At this time, the alarm will not sound. This time it was completed in about 7 minutes and 30 seconds.

When the coffee is completed, it is OK to remove the vacuum insulation pot.

When I checked the vacuum insulation pot immediately after removing it, there were water droplets on the lid. No coffee leaks.

After that, you can pour coffee from the pot at any time and drink it.

Coffee can be kept warm in a vacuum insulated pot, so the aroma can be preserved for a long time. Another nice point is that you can make a maximum of 550ml at a time, which is enough for one person to drink.

In addition, 'Vacuum Insulated Pot Coffee Maker' is an open price and is also available on Amazon.co.jp.

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