Site summary 2023 edition that piggybacks on April Fool's Day


Hoshino Ruru

The familiar April Fool's Day has started again this year! Which is true and which is actually a lie? It's the beginning of a chaotic day like that!

◆ How to tip April Fool's jokes
When you discover that 'I'm doing April Fool's Day!' in a story not published in this article, or if you say 'We're doing April Fool's Day!' It's OK! As a point to hold down to make it easier to be posted, even if the GIGAZINE editorial staff goes to see the site, it is impossible to instantly judge 'Which is April Fool's story ...?' I have no choice but to give up ... or ``It seems that something is different than usual, but I don't know the state of the original site, so I don't know how it changed ... I was in trouble ...'' Every year there are a lot of cases where I can't do it or I'm late, so when I make a tip , I always say ' This is the point you should see! ' What is it! ”If you write the explanation, commentary, points to see, points to hold here, along with the URL, address, and link destination of the page, GIGAZINE editorial staff and readers will say, ``I see! Was that so?!”, and it makes it easier to understand in many ways, so we apologize for the inconvenience, but we ask for your understanding and cooperation...!

A convenient way to immediately know when an April Fool's Day article is updated
The GIGAZINE editorial department updates each site that is doing various things on April Fool's Day from 0:00 to 24:00 on April 1st, literally 24 hours a day, and continues to add to this article collectively . As time goes on, more and more new information will be added here, and this article will gradually become ridiculously long. It is convenient for GIGAZINE's Twitter official account , Facebook official account , Discord official account from time to time , If there is a chance, I will post an update notification, so if you follow me, it will be useful in the future.

◆Summary list from here
The contents are various, from official collaborations to informal ones by individuals.

◆Interlink Successfully Developed the World's First ``Different World VPN'' - No choice but to ride! In this different world big wave
Internet service provider Interlink, which provides the VPN service ' Sekai VPN ' that connects to VPN servers installed around the world, announced that it has successfully developed the world's first 'different world VPN'.

'Different World VPN' is an IP sharing type VPN service that enables access to another world with another world's IP address by connecting to a VPN server installed in another world. It is possible to select a server in another world from the list and use the IP address of that world. It seems that it is easy to connect to the 2D world and the spirit world.

The connection image to the different world VPN looks like this. The price of Isekai VPN is 1100 yen including tax per month, and cancellation can be done online. You can try it for free for up to 2 months, and if you are not satisfied with the different world, you can withdraw at any time.

The different worlds you can choose from are below. None of these seem to have been seen anywhere else, or not.

Customer feedback is also included.

It is said that some of the employees who developed it have not returned from another world. Mr. Tadashi Yokoyama, the representative director of Interlink, commented on the development process: ``The impetus for creating Isekai VPN was Mr. Thomas Edison's spirit world telephone. I received direct advice, such as ``The trouble is the door to discovering the next new world. It continues to be impossible to come.However, we have confirmed that our employees are in good health because they are always connected with a VPN.Even those who cannot return, the full telework introduced in 2020 and the trial introduction are currently in progress. Thanks to the three-day work week system, there is no problem with the current situation, and I am a little concerned that people do not want to return to this world.'

A service that uses ChatGPT and AI to create the perfect band name for you ``# cool band name generator''
GMO Toku Toku BB , an Internet service provider, has announced a service ` `#cool band name generator '' that uses chat AI's ChatGPT and AI to devise a band name that is perfect for you.

With the #cool band name generator, if you enter a band concept within 10 characters in the input field, it will generate a record jacket photo, a band name that fits the band, an introduction to the band, and the name of the debut single.

The band name 'Nekonomics' is a very popular cat band whose slogan is 'Nyandaful Economy!'. It is said that the leader, Trading Cat, was formed at the center, and the live venue is enthusiastic with catchy songs with punch power. By the way, their debut single was 'Nyandaful Economy'.

You can also check the band names generated by other users from the bottom of the page.

Paw-shaped magnetic therapy device 'Pip Erekinyan'
Pip Co., Ltd. , which sells household magnetic therapy devices such as “ Pip Elekiban ”, has released a paw-shaped magnetic therapy device “ Pip Elekinyan ” as a new product that allows you to relax your body and mind.

'Pip Elekinyan' that took 22 years to develop is like this. The magnets placed in the shape of paws improve blood circulation, eliminate stiff backs, and give you a blissful moment as if you were being pushed by a cat's hand.

A spin-off work of 'My favorite child forgot my glasses' 'My favorite child was a mecha'
A spin-off work 'My Favorite Girl Became a Mecha' was announced based on the manga 'My Favorite Girl Forgot Glasses', which is scheduled to be broadcast on TV from July 2023. Below is a specially drawn visual by cartoonist Takuji Kato . Mie, the heroine, is wrapped in a mechanical costume.

◆ Future product development of Domino's Pizza will be directed by AI! Based on CHAT-GPR4, 'D0M1NO-KUN (Domino-kun)', which can propose the best pizza from recipes around the world, is now available.
It was announced that pizza-specific AI `` D0M1NO-KUN (Domino-kun) '' independently developed by Domino Pizza, a home delivery pizza chain, was appointed as Domino Pizza's product development officer. In addition, as the first new product proposed by D0M1NO-KUN, it was decided to release a new product “Tropical Cocktail Pizza” that combines tropical cocktails and pizza in the summer of 2023.

D0M1NO-KUN is a recipe development AI that specializes in pizza. It analyzes all recipes and customer needs from all over the world, and when you enter keywords and sentences, it proposes the best pizza recipe that meets your needs. It is developed based on the interactive recipe devising AI 'CHAT-GPR4' developed by CloseAI in the United States, and not only recipes around the world, but also market needs by customer type, the latest trends, future predictions, customer personas, It seems that it has a function that can learn points of differentiation from competitors' products and propose recipes that are more suitable for the market.

Yukie Oyama, who is in charge of menu development, said, 'I never thought the day would come when my boss would become an AI. When I started working with him, 'D0M1NO-KUN (Domino-kun)' is a reliable and humble boss, so I'm very happy.'

◆Mobimon | Mobility Market by KINTO
' KINTO ', which develops a car subscription service, has announced a character 'Mobimon' that grows according to the history of vehicle usage.

According to Dr. Kotella, Movimon is a monster that can be ridden by humans as it grows. At the time of writing the article, the existence of ``Hono type'', ``Kusa type'' and ``Mizu type'' has been confirmed.

Fire-type Movimon grows up to become a winged supercar 'Fassler'.

The grass-type ultimate is the off-road car type 'Bruiser'.

The water-type Perfect Ultimate is the Cruiser Mobimon 'Raccoly', which can go to Hawaii in an hour.

◆ AI Tiall Co., Ltd. will change its name to AI technology company 'AI Tiall'
AITIALL, which provides ``Nisen Cloud'' that converts landline phones into the cloud, has announced that it will change its name to AI technology company ``AI Tior''.

The following movie explains the company profile of AI Tior.

Aitiall will change its name to ``AI Tiall'' #AI #April Fool's Day-YouTube

However, the company name change is, of course, an April Fool's lie. Regarding the company profile told in the movie, ``I didn't have time, so I asked ChatGPT to write the company profile of AI in 1000 characters,'' he said.

Subway will deliver health to all aliens! A sandwich that makes it possible to travel one light year with one piece is now available-“Alien-only sandwich” will be released on Saturday, April 1, 2023-
Subway, a sandwich chain that operates about 37,000 stores around the world, has finally announced that it has developed an 'alien-only sand' for aliens living outside the earth.

'Alien-exclusive sand' was developed after Mr. Miyo, who was in charge of product development, encountered a drifting alien.

The 3rd planet of the solar system, Earth, on April 1st (Saturday) Japan time only, the 'Alien Exclusive Sand' is wrapped in a vacuum pack that has been sterilized according to strict global standards, and it uses a special hose that can absorb all the nutrients. , You can bring it to your mouth in a fresh state. However, it seems that earthlings are designed not to be eaten.

◆ 'The case where the angel next door made me a useless person before I knew it' became a love game
It has been revealed that the popular light novel from Shosetsuka ni Narou, which has also been made into an anime , will be turned into a love game. The title of the game is ``The case where the angel and the little devil next door made me useless even in the game'', and in the key visual, the heroine Mahiru is showing the ``Angel-sama'' version and the ``Little devil-sama'' version. .

◆ Gather! Local characters from all over Japan! Special charter with Jetta over Jetstar destinations
Domestic LCC Jetstar announced that it will operate a special charter flight featuring the official character Jetta and local characters from all over the country.

The special wrapping design looks like this. The flight number is 'Flight 5101' after May 11th, the local character day.

In addition to wrapping, the seats and toilets are designed to be three times the size of normal characters based on character engineering with large heads and tails, a friendship matching service that uses smartphones to aim for coupling, and local characters who are tired of appearing at events. The aircraft is fully equipped with massage rooms, hot springs, saunas, and gyms that allow local characters to build strength and refresh themselves. In addition, there are options such as an option to meet local characters overseas, a special parfait that uses plenty of local characters' favorite foods, and a welcome service by a cabin crew with a veterinarian license.

◆ Kentucky Fried Chicken Official Vending Machine 'Kernel Benders'
Kentucky Fried Chicken announced that it has introduced the official vending machine `` Kernel Venders '' where you can enjoy freshly made deliciousness for 24 hours.

Kernel vendors will be installed at any time next to stores nationwide. It seems that 'the secret can be found in the number of

RTs of tweets'.

Cafe Daily Portal Z
Web media 'Daily Portal Z' has become 'Cafe Daily Portal Z'.

It seems to be a revival plan for '

Café Daily Portal Z ', which was really abandoned in 2020.

The site changed to a coffee shop blog style.

On the right side of the screen are links to cafe-related articles on Daily Portal Z.

◆ 'Bobobobo Bobobo' final episode Impossible! ? A bursting miracle Lovely ❤Magical Bobobo Explosion!
The gag cartoon ' Bobobobo Bobobo ' by Hiroo Sawai serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump from 2001 to 2007 will start broadcasting from 8:30 am on Saturday, April 1st. In addition, the title of the final episode is “Impossible!?

◆Project Sekai Colorful Stage! feat. Hatsune Miku
In the rhythm and adventure game “ Project Sekai Colorful Stage! Published in limited edition.

Also, in commemoration of April Fool's Day, 'Be The MUSIC!' Was added as a newly drawn song. It is said that it is the school song of Mikdemy that is sung by all the students.

You can check the music of 'Be The MUSIC!' And the score of difficulty level HARD in the following movie.

``Be The MUSIC!'' (Difficulty: HARD) released play video-YouTube

A genius child actor 'Arima Kana' is appointed as an image girl of baking soda
It has been announced that Kana Arima, the child genius who appears in Aka Akasaka's original TV anime ' [Oshi no Ko] ', will serve as the image girl for Baking Soda. In the inauguration announcement report, it is described as 'a former genius child actor who licks baking soda' and 'not seen recently'.

◆ VR communication game 'VR Masaru'
A VR-only game 'VR Masaru' that allows you to communicate with the river 'Suzuki Masaru' belonging to the virtual liver group ' Nijisanji ' operated by ANYCOLOR Co., Ltd. has been announced.

PV of 'VR Masaru' looks like this. With 'VR Masaru', you can enjoy a realistic sense of distance that you can feel your breathing and body temperature that you have never experienced before.

VR Masaru PV first bullet - YouTube

The following movie is a 180 degree play video of 'VR Masaru'. It is possible to experience 'VR Masaru' by actually moving a smartphone or tablet.
VR Masaru 180 ° play video - YouTube

Futaba Foods launched 'Sakure Steak' shaved ice with dice steak
Futaba Foods, famous for shaved ice such as ' Sakure Lemon ', has released 'Sakure Steak', a shaved ice with dice steak. It seems that coarsely ground black pepper is used as an accent.

Sushiro announces new logo
Conveyor belt sushi chain Sushiro has announced a logo change. The new logo has a neon-inspired design. It seems that the logo change project was triggered by a Z-generation employee's remark, ``Why don't you change the logo to Sorobochi Kiwa?

Along with the announcement of the new logo, the header image of

the official Twitter account has also changed to a neon style.

◆A new mode 'Aoharu no Tatsujin' will be implemented in the arcade version of 'Taiko no Tatsujin'!
It was announced that a limited-time mode 'Aoharu no Tatsujin ' will be implemented in the popular rhythm game 'Taiko no Tatsujin'.

It is said that a limited mode will appear by holding the dedicated code over the housing. It seems that you can play with a character that is randomly selected each time you play, and if you use a Bandai Namco Passport, your friendship level will increase. However, since the implementation is said to be 'April 1, 2765', it is necessary to wait for more than 740 years to actually play the youth master mode.

◆ In addition to 'Dragon Quest', the nickname of the 'Dragon Quest' series is also used as 'Gonst'
In response to comments such as 'I call it Gonst' and 'Take care of the Gonst school' regarding the nickname of the 'Dragon Quest' series, Square Enix announced that it will use 'Gonst' in addition to the conventional 'Dragon Quest'. bottom.

◆[Sobi decided to make a movie! ] All the fairies are in tears! 'SOBY' wins all categories of the Yoasobi Award
The image character 'Sobi' of the program ' Seiyu to Yoasobi ' broadcasted on the Internet TV platform ' ABEMA ' has finally been decided to be made into a movie. It will be roadshowed in the whole universe in the summer of 2023. Simultaneous screening is theatrical version 'Voice actor and night play', and the visitor benefit is 'bicycle play'.

It is a mystery why it has already won awards in all categories, even though it has just been decided to be made into a movie.

Shiki Theater Company is looking for cats to appear in 'Cats'
Shiki Theater Company has started recruiting cats to appear in the musical 'Cats'. The application method is to post a photo of a cat with the hashtag 'I want to appear in #Cats'.

In addition, a special photo frame of Cats has been released on

the official app of Shiki Theater Company.

◆ Anime 'Kuroko's Basketball'
On the official website of the anime 'Kuroko's Basketball', an illustration of the generation of miracles dressed in yokai costumes has been released. Kuroko Tetsuya is dressed as a zashikiwarashi, Kagami Taiga is a tengu, Ryota Kise is a fox, Seijuro Akashi is dressed as a Nurarihyon, Shintaro Midorima is dressed as a kappa, Daiki Aomine is dressed as a blue demon, and Atsushi Murasakibara is dressed as a snow man.

On the official Twitter account, there was also a message saying, 'April's day, the door to another world opens.'

◆White Pastor and Black Saint will be made into a TV animation! Start broadcasting in July 2023
Hazano Watake's romantic comedy manga `` White Saint and Black Pastor '', which has been serialized since March 2017, has the main characters Cecilia and Lawrence reversed in coloring, ``White Pastor and Black Saint'' will be made into a TV animation. decided to The broadcast will start in July 2023.

◆ 'Nyanko Great War' movie decision
The game app 'Nyanko Great War' has been decided to be made into a movie. In addition to popular characters such as 'Cat', 'Tank Neko', 'Oni Nyanma', and 'Guardian Anubis', the enemy character 'Blackma' will also appear. In addition, at the movie theater, a total of 222.2 billion visitor benefits such as 'nekokan (opened) actually used during the filming of the movie' and 'faithfully reproduced castle development material bricks' will be distributed in a limited quantity. increase.

◆ 'Nogizaka46 OFFICIAL WEB SHOP' renamed to 'Saito Asuka Official Web Shop'
The name of Nogizaka46's official online shop 'Nogizaka46 OFFICIAL WEB SHOP' has been changed to 'Sato Asuka Official Web Shop'. When I actually accessed the shop, the logo and background in the upper left had changed.

Also, the account name, icon, cover image, etc. of

the official Twitter account have changed.

◆【#Rein Kane turned into a love game!?】Rinkaaneshon!!Welcome to Enemy Gakuen!
' NieR Re [in] carnation ' released for iOS and Android in Square Enix's 'NieR' series is a romance game.

'Starting the new semester today! Become a caged high school student and enjoy your youth with someone you care about! We will also prepare a special quest that will link up with Reinkane and introduce some capture targets!'

There are 5 targets in all.

In addition to displaying the degree of affection, it is an epoch-making point for a romance game that simultaneous capture is possible. However, since the delivery is said to be 12024, it will be 10,000 years later that you can actually play.

◆Honda×Meiji Dream Collaboration Super Cup Super Cub Appears!
The ' Super Cup Super Cub', a dream collaboration between the motorcycle Super Cub sold by Honda Motor Co., Ltd. and the Meiji Essel Super Cup, has appeared.

The 'Super Cup Super Cub' is packed with attention to design and function, and incorporates many ideas to enjoy the Meiji Essel Super Cup. In addition, there are also limited custom parts to eat the Meiji Essel Super Cup deliciously.

Birth of science-based complete nutritional food 'Kimwipu Ramen'
Kimwipe's official Twitter account, which tends to be talked about as 'sweet and delicious', has a food called 'Kimwipe Ramen'. Kimwipu ramen is said to have features such as 'NaCl modest', 'Allium fistulosum Mashimashi', and 'Vitamin A rich'. Also, the calorie is '2510 kJ'.

◆ King Jim sells nostalgic stickers for a limited time
Stationery maker King Jim has announced that it will release a limited number of stickers with a nostalgic impression. Tepra King File Pomera is a glittering sticker. According to the official Twitter account, 'New patterns will appear one after another!?'

◆ Released “Sapporo Potato Super Long”
A long version of the snack “Sapporo Potato”, which is characterized by its long and thin shape, “Sapporo Potato Super Long” has appeared. Looking at the official visual, 'Sapporo Potato Super Long' seems to be the size of a planet class.

'Nobi-ru Chikuwa' that can shoot anything New release on April 1st only
Kibun , a paste maker, has released a new ' Nobi-ru Chikuwa ' on April 1st. By making the chikuwa flexible, it is possible to shoot anything, such as radishes and watermelons. According to Kibun, “the ways to use chikuwa are endless”.

Sara Hoshikawa 'I missed the last train...'
Sara Hoshikawa, a VTuber belonging to Nijisanji , who missed the last train, is looking for people to meet in Tokyo. Mr. Hoshikawa narrows down the people he meets to ``people who can afford it'', and while saying ``regulars are also possible'', he also attaches a risqué selfie, which gives you a sense of an unusual atmosphere.

◆ It was discovered that the employee of 'Wakasa life' was a blueberry
`` Wakasa Life '', known for supplements such as `` Blueberry Eye '', revealed that all employees were blueberries. A spokesperson for Wakasa Seikatsu said , ``I'm sorry that I've been silent until now.

◆ Blue Archive 'Shoujo Ninpocho Michirutchi'
Michiru Chidori, a Blue Archive character from the Ninjutsu Research Club, has released a YouTube video titled ' Shoujo Ninpocho Michiru-cchi' to convey the goodness of ninjas to the world. The following movie is thinking about the way of future distribution as 'Thinking about Michiru in the future! Volume'.

Michiru 'Think about future Michiru! Volume' - YouTube

Below is the distribution based on the policy set in ``Think about the future of Michiru! Alice Tendo of the game development department is distributing a game called 'Millennium Quest' as 'Alice game delivery! Volume'.

Michitchi 'Alice game delivery! Volume' - YouTube

The game screen of Millennium Quest looks something like this. Members of Millennium's Game Development Department are watching from behind the game screen. Move the cursor to 'START' and press the enter key to start the game.

The game begins when 'Yusha Alice' receives a request from 'Oujo Yuuka' to defeat 'Maou' and save the crisis of 'Game Buou Koku'.

Operate Alice with the arrow keys, press the enter key or Z when you hit the door to open the menu, and select the 'door' command to proceed.

You can also talk to characters along the way.

It's like this when you go outside. In the upper left is the castle where Oujou Yuka was, and in the lower right is the Demon King's castle. It's pretty close.

Encountered an enemy. Select 'Fight' to attack.

When I entered the demon king's castle, it seems that I can't advance to the enemy unless I defeat Nell-senpai. Will Alice be able to reach the Demon King?

Launched 'VOICEPEAK Neko', input text reading software equipped with a cat language translation function
'VOICEPEAK Cat', which supports voice output in cat language, will be added to the text-to-speech software 'VOICEPEAK' series.

It also supports four types of emotional expressions: 'happiness', 'sadness', 'fun' and 'anger'.

Here's how it actually works. It can be used with the same operational feeling as the normal 'VOICEPEAK'.

'VOICEPEAK Neko' also includes '

VOICEPEAK Freemomen '.

◆Yuru Camp △ Yamanashi Prefecture will be reborn as Camp Prefecture.
According to the official website of the anime ' Yuru Camp △ ', Yamanashi Prefecture has been renamed to 'Camp Prefecture', and Rin Shima, a character of 'Yuru Camp △', has been appointed as the one-day prefectural governor of Camp Prefecture.

Yamanashi Prefecture is not only one of the stages of the anime 'Yuru Camp △', but also 'the number of registered campsites per 100,000 people' is ranked first in Japan, so the name is 'camping prefecture'. It seems that it has been changed to.

Rin Shima, who became the prefectural governor of the camp prefecture for one day, has two manifestos: 'From 'I want to do' to 'do' camp' and 'Introduction of a camp benefit support system'.

Below is the comment from Nao Higashiyama, who played the role of Rin Shima in the anime 'Yuru Camp △'.

It is also reported that the production of Rin Shima's costume has been decided.

◆ New app 'Fate/Grail League' released
'Fate / Grail League' is released for iOS version and Android version . This time I wanted to play on my iPhone, so I searched for 'Fate/Grail League' on the App Store and installed it.

The top screen looks something like this. A hot-blooded baseball story is likely to unfold.

The game has rules like a baseball board, and it is OK if the pitcher throws the ball back and hits the panel at the back of the screen.

If you hit a defensive Servant vigorously with a batted ball, it will be blown away and become a companion.

Succeeded in successfully hitting the ball and defeating the panel marked 'HR'. I thought, 'A home run might be 1 point,' but for some reason I got 7 points and won.

As mentioned above, it is possible to make friends by hitting the defensive Servant vigorously during the match. Servants you have made friends can be summoned to the real world with an AR camera and you can take a commemorative photo.

Sadly, Fate/Grail League will end service on Saturday, April 1, 2023 at 23:59. Let's play early if you are interested.

The anime 'Vinland Saga' is looking for staff for the Ketil farm
The official Twitter account of the anime ' Vinland Saga ' is recruiting staff for Ketil Farm. Looking at the notification image, Ketil Farm is a stock company, and it seems that it has been incorporated as a stock company. The job content is forest clearing and agricultural work, the place of work is the Ketil farm and forest, and the treatment includes formal employment as a servant. Welfare programs include meals and housing, and it is appealing that it is a 'homely workplace full of nature'.

In addition, it seems that they are recruiting personnel not only for Japan but also for overseas, and an English version of the tweet and an announcement image were also prepared.

◆ Ple Ple Pleiades x Kagejitsu! TV animation decision! ?
The short animation 'Ple Ple Pleiades' in the anime ' Overlord ' and the short animation ' Kagejitsu ! ' Jitsu!' will be broadcast.

``Ple Ple Pleiades'' x ``Kagejitsu!'' is a story about Overlord's main character ``

Ainz Ooal Gown '' and the main character `` Shadow '' of ``I want to be a strong man in the shadows!'' About. The broadcast will start in April 2138.

◆ 'REALITY' releases hand tracking function
A hand tracking function has been released for a limited time of 72 hours on the live distribution app ' REALITY '. Until now, only facial movements and expressions could be tracked, but hand and finger movements can also be reflected in avatars.

I thought it was an April Fool's joke, but the hand tracking function is really open to the public

Also, as a commemoration of April Fool's Day, a fishing club event will be held for 24 hours only.

◆ Eye wrap Design renewal for the first time in 45 years
Iwatani Materials Co., Ltd. has released a gusseted plastic bag ' Iwrap ' since 1976, and the design has been renewed for the first time in 45 years. Warning notices such as 'Please do not cook the entire bag in a rice cooker as there is a risk of damage or explosion' and 'Be sure to use a heat-resistant plate to prevent accidents when heating in a hot water bath or microwave' are placed on the front. It has been. According to Irap, 'This is Reiwa style'.

It turns out that Kikkoman soy milk was developed by AI
Kikkoman's soy milk brand `` Kikkoman Soy Milk '' official Twitter account released the product development method for the first time on April 1, 2023, revealing that AI is making all the new products. AI proposes a fantastic soymilk based on a huge amount of data, so the product 'Why is this taste in soymilk?'

Sonic the Hedgehog releases the number one weekly magazine 'Weekly Hedgehog April' today
Sonic the Hedgehog has released the number one weekly magazine ' Weekly Hedgehog April issue ' that delivers all kinds of information from trends to deep rumors at supersonic speed. In this month's issue, exclusive scoops such as 'Big the Cat is a Mafia Don!?'

◆WOLF RPG Editor 15th Anniversary Comic “Udikon! You and my game development life” released!
The RPG production tool `` WOLF RPG Editor '' developed by Mr. SmokingWOLF , a game creator known for `` Sylpheid Fantasy Tan '' and `` One-Way Hero '', commemorates the 15th anniversary of development Web cartoon ` ` Udikon! You and my game Development life ' has been released.

You can check the introduction movie of 'Udikon! You and my game development life' from the following.

[Girls challenging Udikon] Comic 'Udikon! ] Introduction video (2023/4/1 story)-YouTube

On the official website, part of the contents of 'Udikon! You and my game development life' was released.

'Udikon! You and my game development life' is being distributed at Wan Comics!', Of course, this is an April Fool's joke.

◆ 'Date A Live' live-action movie decision
A live-action adaptation of 'Date A Live' has been decided. The official visual shows Kurumi Tokisaki , played by Hinano Nito.

Multiple photos can be viewed on

the official website . In addition, it is said that the costume is wearing a complete order costume of COSPATIO.

Okonomiyaki restaurant ~ Kanakoyo ~ ZUNOW cynical store opening soon
VTubers ' Hiroi Koyori ' and ' Amane Kanata ' from Virtual YouTuber Office Hololive Production have announced that they will jointly open ' Okonomiyaki-Kanakoyo-ZUNOW Cynical Store ' in Tokyo in the near future. In commemoration of the opening of Okonomiyaki-Kanakoyo-ZUNOW Cynical, the first 600 customers who order okonomiyaki will receive a free mayonnaise.

The story of hot men set in Gotei High School 'BLEACH THE HIGH SCHOOL WARFARE' opens
The official site of 'BLEACH Thousand Year Blood Battle' has changed to the official site of 'BLEACH THE HIGH SCHOOL WARFARE', a game set in a school called Goten High School.

By scrolling down the page and clicking 'GAME START', you can actually play 'BLEACH THE HIGH SCHOOL WARFARE'.

The game depicts the youth stories of popular characters such as Ichigo Kurosaki and Renji Abarai.

In addition, Tite Kubo's official fan club '

Klub Outside ' has released a visual of 'BLEACH THE HIGH SCHOOL WARFARE'.

In addition, skateboard decks and student ID cards with visuals of 'BLEACH THE HIGH SCHOOL WARFARE' are also on sale.

◆ TV animation 'Usausaurusabani' to start broadcasting on April 3
The TV anime ' Kumakuma Kuma Bear ' has announced that it will start broadcasting a new program ' Usausausabani ' from April 3rd. The TV anime ``Usausaurusabani'' is a work with the theme of ``Let's have fun with everyone!''

◆ Dospara
According to the PC shop Dospara, when you post SNS from a gaming PC, ``more likes than usual''. Dospara's official Twitter account is also posted from a gaming PC and calls for 'Like please!'

◆Eki Spa is transformed into a drawing AI!
The transfer guide app 'Eki Spaato' has been transformed into a drawing AI, and you can challenge difficult quizzes for one day only.

First, if you enter 'Eki Superato' as the departure point of the 'Eki Superato' app and 'Drawing' as the arrival point, the message 'Challenge today's quiz only!' will be displayed at the bottom.

Since the story, how to play, and rules are displayed, tap 'Try playing!'.

Select the region you want to play. This time I chose 'Kinki'.

Selecting a region will display a picture of the problem. If you don't know the correct answer just by looking at the picture, you can get hints by tapping 'Hint 1', 'Hint 2', and 'Hint 3' respectively.

If you know the correct answer, enter the station name in the input field at the bottom.

This time, '

Midoribashi ' was the correct answer. The result of playing can also be posted to Twitter from the 'Tweet' button in the game.

The official website of the anime 'Is the Order a Rabbit?' is now 'Rabbit House'
The official site of the anime ' Is the Order a Rabbit? ' has been reborn as a site called ' Galaxy Express 'Rabbit House' '.

When you access it, it looks like the following. Click 'View ticket'.

But I didn't have a ticket. When I looked for where the ticket was, there was a ticket on top of Tippy's hat, so I clicked Tippy.

Then, the screen changed to the following. Click 'Get on the Train'.

To check the tickets of passengers on the Galaxy Express. The station name of

the 12 constellations is displayed on the upper right.

Click on the markers displayed on the railroad map to see each passenger's name and date of birth. Find the character that will be the constellation with the 12 constellations of your birthday displayed in the upper right and click 'Call' OK.

After checking all passengers' tickets, I was able to watch a special movie. If you are wondering what kind of movie it is, please do it yourself.

◆ SCP Foundation 100th Anniversary 'SCP Festival' held
The SCP Foundation is holding an 'SCP Festival' to commemorate its 100th anniversary. Confetti is dancing in the page, and the logo on the upper left has changed to a party specification.

Inside the page, congratulatory comments such as Mr. Senju, a wise man who is said to have laid the foundation of the SCP Foundation, and Mr. Captain Cook, a space food pirate, are posted.

Also, 100 important notices such as '3454 days since the main page was created' are posted, so be sure to check them out.

Shirohato, a manufacturer of women's innerwear, plans a mystery-solving tour titled 'Solve the mystery at Shirohato Headquarters and find Hatoko's pants.'

The story is prepared properly because it is a mystery solving tour.

The participation method was said to be under preparation, and practice questions were prepared on the official website. Solve the crossword puzzle, enter the keyword and click 'match answer' OK. Please solve the mystery by yourself and check what happens when you answer correctly.

◆ Notification of establishment of “DLsi Miyako” city-state
DLsite, a platform for selling doujinshi and doujin games, has established a city-state, DLsi Miyako, to commemorate the number of account registrants surpassing 10 million.

'DLsi Miyako' is accepting citizen registration. Since Tokyo Citizen card issuance buttons were prepared for account holders and non-owners, I tried to issue a temporary card.

The issued citizen card looks like this. Registered as a resident of 'Succubus City Ecstacia'.

◆ The first Acguy Fight is held
An international competition 'Acguy Fight' to decide the strongest Acguy for Acguy by Acguy was held in the smartphone game ' Mobile Suit Gundam UC ENGAGE '. It's an April Fool's Day event, but it's not a joke, it's actually implemented, and will run from 00:00 on April 1st to 23:59 on April 7th.

In the announcement image of the tweet, you can see the influence of '

Ike! Ike! Bokura no Shining Agguy!! ' included in Tsukasa Kotobuki 's manga 'Ike! .

◆ Anime 'New Yaranaika' official website
It has been decided that the legendary comic 'Kusomiso Technique', which has many historically famous lines such as 'Yaranaika' and 'Uho! Good man...', will be animated. The animation production will be handled by the limited liability company Anime Tokyo .

In the introduction of the characters, the existence of a 'mysterious man' is hinted in addition to 'Takakazu Abe' in a blue jumpsuit and 'Masaki Michishita' who attends a cram school.

Mr. Isaji, a singer who is famous for singing

Kuso Miso Technique-related videos, commented, ``I can't help but get hot in my chest and buttocks when Kuso Miso Technique is animated in the world of Reiwa!''

It should be noted that 'New Do Not Do' is not an April Fool's story, but a genuine real project. According to the promotional movie below, the release date is scheduled for 2023. In addition, the implementation of crowdfunding is also announced.

[Shouldn't you do it?] The official animation of the legendary comic 'Kusomiso Technique' has been decided! -YouTube

◆Magic: The Gathering 300 years of history
The world's first trading card game `` Magic: The Gathering '' released by Wizards of the Coast celebrates its 300th anniversary, and its origin and development are disclosed.

The original form of magic began in 1723 with a game called 'Magic Cards' created by people who got tired of the traditional 'Tensho Karuta' and 'Eawase Karuta'.

Mafuda, which celebrated its 100th anniversary in 1823, released a large-scale expansion commemorating the 100th anniversary of Mafuda, Rouin. It is said that the tag-type 'Dimension Crossing' was recorded for the first time in 'Rouin'.

In 1993, Wizards of the Coast in the United States produced 'Magic: The Gathering' with the motif of magic cards that were once popular in Japan, and it is said that it has become the magic we know today.

Azur Lane 'Commander' becomes a force
In the game application `` Azur Lane '' where anthropomorphic characters of ships appear, it became clear that the `` commander '' who should not have sortied originally wears an armor suit and becomes a force.

The name of the armor suit worn by the commander is 'Commander-only naval battle type special armor'.

Equipped with armor that surpasses mass-produced ships and a power system that exceeds the output of a self-destruct boat.

Equipment is a bolter rifle that can fire grenades.

In addition, it is equipped with a battle knife for close combat.

A pile bunker can also be equipped. It is an equipment configuration that does not skimp from long-range battles to short-range battles.

Nijisanji official store is on the official website of 'Magical Girl Uncle'
The official store of the VTuber group ' Nijisanji ' has changed to the official website design of 'Magical Girl Uncle'. You can worship a serious magical girl costume by two uncle rivers.


Maimoto Keisuke ' and ' Hanabata Chaika ', who obtained magical powers by chance, 'Yashiron ( Shadoku ),' a fairy searching for a magical girl in the human world, and ' Kagami Hayato ,' who fell into darkness to plunge the world into the depths of terror. ' Rain Patterson, ' a pitiful river caught in a slapstick What does it mean that an uncle becomes a magical girl!?!?! It's time to start!' is the synopsis of 'Uncle Magical Girl'.

The limited voice drama of 'Magical Girl Uncle' will be actually sold on April 1, 2023, and the price is 2200 yen including tax. Goods such as pure★acrylic stands and pure★acrylic key chains will also be on sale. You can see the announcement PV of the limited voice drama from the following.

[Announcement PV] Nijisanji April Fool's Limited Voice Drama 'Magical Girl Uncle'-YouTube

Super Idol ☆ Comet-chan's debut single 'Sui-chan's maintenance song' will be released on April 1, 2023 at 00:00!
VTuber ' Hoshimachi Suisei ' of Virtual YouTuber Office Hololive Production has released a debut single ' Sui-chan's Maintenance Song ' as 'Super Idol ☆ Comet-chan'. The song was written and composed by Tomoko Sasaki .

Super beautiful!! Usada Pekora new 3D unveiling!? (3D SHOWCASE)
Usada Pekora , a VTuber belonging to the VTuber group Hololive, unveiled a new 3D model for the first time on April 1, 2023.

The new 3D model can be seen in the following movie.

Super beautiful !! Usada Pekora New 3D unveiling!? (3D SHOWCASE)-YouTube

The new 3D Pechora are so realistic that you can't even imagine how many polygons they have. If you are wondering what kind of model it is, please check out the video.

◆I can't live without a hat anymore── 'BoC'z' was formed by horse girls who love boushi!
Five characters from Uma Musume Pretty Derby , Hokko Tarumae, Rice Shower, Mr. Civey, Chevalgrand, and Machikanetan Hoiza, have formed BoC'z to spread the wonders of Boushi to the world. . 'BoC'z' is an abbreviation of 'We'll choose the Best of Capz', and it seems that it contains the determination to 'become a guide for all Boushi enthusiasts'.

The following movie is 'BoC'z' song 'Hat on your Head!'.

[Uma Musume Pretty Derby] BoC'z 'Hat on your Head!' MV-YouTube

◆ New series! ! 'Koi no Hyper Inflation'
In conjunction with the release of Volume 6 of Kyu Sumiyoshi's manga ' Hyper Inflation ', which won first place in AnimeJapan 2023 's ' Manga Ranking Wanted to be Animated ' on May 2, 2023, ' Koi The start of the serialization of 'Hyper Inflation ' has been announced.


Of course, the new series 'Koi no Hyper Inflation' was a lie. However, according to the author Kyu Sumiyoshi, ``the synopsis of the main story of ``Hyper Inflation'' is not much different.''

A service 'Anond AI' that automatically generates sentences in a stylistic style that attracts attention in an anonymous anonymous diary by simply entering a single phrase
The blog service ' Hatena Blog ' has announced 'Anond AI', a service that automatically generates sentences in a style that attracts attention in the Hatena Anonymous Diary by simply entering a single phrase that you want to post. 'Anond AI' learns the tendency of posts that become topics in anonymous diaries and stories that are praised, and it is possible to generate sentences that attract more attention than humans.

To use it, access 'Anond AI' and enter a diary phrase. This time, enter 'Today is April 1st, April Fool's Day'. After that, the dolphin in the lower right will ask you, 'Would you like me to write the continuation of the diary?' Click 'Write'.

Then, it will generate a diary sentence following 'Today is April 1st, April Fool's Day'. You can post this article to Hatena Anonymous Diary, but you need a Hatena Blog account to do so.

◆The phantom Ninja Slayer Kansai language version has been discovered! !
The cyberpunk ninja action novel ' Ninja Slayer ' translation team has announced that the Kansai language version of 'Ninja Slayer' has been discovered.

The Kansai language version is published on the official Japanese fan site 'Neo Saitama Dennou IRC Space' operated by the translation team. In the original, 'The Minuteman remembered the 'war' ten years ago, feeling the horribly cold concrete all over his body. The opening part, ``The Minuteman remembered the ``war'' ten years ago, while enjoying the chilly concrete feeling with his whole body. ” is written. Since the link of

the original version is also introduced, please compare how the other parts are converted to 'Kansai language'.

◆ Character card game 'Weiss Schwarz' will be released on March 29, 1973
The card game `` Weiss Schwarz '' will appear on March 29, 1973, in which popular characters appearing on TV will become cards and fight.

Below is an example of an upcoming card. The character drawn is the mascot character 'Card Game Shiyoko-chan'.

◆ Identity V releases a playable sound game 'Iden BeatBeat' in the browser
4vs1 asymmetric battle game ' Identity V Fifth personality ' has released a sound game ' Iden BeatBeat ' that can be played on smartphones. To play 'Iden BeatBeat', read the QR code on the homepage with your own smartphone or other device.

When you read the QR code with your smartphone, you will move to the title screen of 'Iden BeatBeat'.

When you tap 'Start Game', you will be prompted to log in to Twitter, Facebook, and LINE, so select a platform, log in, and tap 'Start Game' again.

It is recommended to wear earphones to play 'Iden BeatBeat'.

When the game starts, musical note instructions are displayed according to the rhythm.

Tap the books that fall rhythmically according to the number of notes displayed in the next bar.

Items that can be used in “Identity V Fifth Personality” are available depending on the score you have cleared.

◆Actress request tool 'ACTREQ' service started
A service `` ACTREQ '' that can request the dispatch of actresses who are active in the game application `` Alice Gear Aigis '' has been released. To actually use ACTREQ, go to the official website and click 'Request a sortie now'.

Then, a screen will appear where you can search for and request an actress with conditions such as cross gear and shot gear. If you are not sure, click 'Easy Request' and the system will automatically select an actress for you. Click 'Easy Request' to try.

Then, a request screen for the actress `` Akino Onaga '' who handles the two-handed sword was displayed. If you request a sortie as it is, you can get the wallpaper.

◆ [Live-action version] Ponpo and Peanuts-kun
Virtual YouTuber Kouga-ryu ninja Ponpo aka Peanuts-kun is finally live-action. You can see in the following movie how 2D, 3D, costume, puppet, and finally the tanuki and beans that stood on the live action stage look like. It's already pretty punchy at thumbnail time.

[Live-action version] Ponpo and Peanut-kun-YouTube

Of course, a live-action version of Gachikoi Ponpoko will also appear.

◆ Rhythm game mode appears in 'Taimanin RPG'
A mini-game that allows you to play a rhythm game has been added to the browser game 'Taimanin RPG'. The name of the mini game is 'Rhythm ☆ TAIMANIN'.

◆ D4DJ Groovy Mix (# Gurumiku) Official
The official Twitter account of D4DJ Groovy Mix has been jacked into a cat-type music player, and the header and icons have changed.

The account jacking by Nyocho was announced on March 31st.

D4DJ Groovy Mix will add the song 'Nyocho is coming ☆ Yaa ☆ Yaa ☆ Yaa ☆'.

Basically, because Nyocho is tweeting, the announcement tweet is written in Nyocho language, and I do not know what he is talking about.

However, after the Nyocho language tweet, a tweet translated into Japanese was also posted.

In addition, you can see the MV of 'Nyocho is coming ☆ Yaa ☆ Yaa ☆ Yaa ☆' below.

'Nyocho is coming ☆ Yaa ☆ Yaa ☆ Yaa ☆' music video [D4DJ Groovy Mix] - YouTube

◆ “Ensemble Stars!!” has been renewed to “Ensemble Training!!”
'Ensemble Stars!!' has been renewed to 'Ensemble Training!!'. When I try to start 'Ensemble Stars !! Music', the start screen has changed.

The campaign screen of 'Ensemble Training !!' looks like this.

You can train with idols.

Also includes original stories related to training.

In addition, you can also consume diamonds and get training wear.

New era new dimension project 'Uta no☆Princess-sama♪ BACK to the IDOL' started!
`` Uta no ☆ Princess Sama ♪ BACK to the IDOL '' has been announced as a new era new dimension project produced by the production team of the romance adventure game `` Uta no Prince Sama ♪ '' for women.

The concept is 'idol x time slip', and it is a coming-of-age story about girls who attend St. Saotome Gakuen, going beyond time and going back and forth as idols.

The following video is the song 'Back to the ☆ Heart' of the unit 'Flower Candy' that appears in 'Uta no☆Princess-sama♪ BACK to the IDOL'.

Flower Candy – Back to the ☆ After (PV) Uta no ☆ Princess Sama ♪ BACK to the IDOL - YouTube

Also, the following song is 'FIRST PROMISE' of the unit 'SILENT QUEEN' in 'Uta no☆Princess-sama♪ BACK to the IDOL'.

SILENT QUEEN – FIRST PROMISE (Lyric Video) Uta no☆Princess-sama♪ BACK to the IDOL-YouTube

A collaboration between 'Princess Principal' and 'Girls und Panzer'
The anime ' Princess Principal ' and ' Girls und Panzer ' have collaborated and the illustrations have been released on each other's sites. On Twitter, both official accounts announce the collaboration.

The icon of the official Twitter account of 'Princess Principal' has changed to a collaboration illustration.

The icon of 'Girls & Panzer' official Twitter account was also a collaboration illustration.

◆ Sanrio collaboration event started at Granblue Fantasy
When you start Granblue Fantasy, 'Sanrio Characters Come on! Helloland!' is displayed in the event list.

The event outline looks something like this. 'Sanrio Characters will deliver love and dreams to everyone!'

During the event, the 'Zenku Helloland Character Award' will be held, and you can vote for your favorite character.

You can also get various prizes by collecting “kawaii” in the event.

However, it has been confirmed that there are some who threaten Sanrio Characters, so it seems that it is not just a kawaii event.

◆VOCALOID6 FAT GUMI to be released!
' GUMI ', the image character of the VOCALOID software ' Megpoid ' has grown horizontally, and the release of ' VOCALOID6 FAT GUMI ', which sings in an opera style, has been decided.

Bauhutte releases gaming chair 'G-0401-CAT' for cats
The official Twitter account of the gaming furniture brand Bauhutte has announced that it will release the cat gaming chair 'G-0401-CAT'. By preparing a gaming chair for cats, it prevents the cat from stealing your chair and being unable to sit when you remove your seat.

However, when I clicked on the link on the product page, it was firmly appealed that it was an April Fool's lie.

◆Minoru Mineta Jacks 'My Hero Academia ULTRA IMPACT'
When you start 'My Hero Academia ULTRA IMPACT', the startup screen is covered with Mineta.

The notification screen when the game starts is full of Minoru Mineta.

You can also get Minoru Mineta-related memories as a login bonus.

A stage adaptation of the play within the play 'Phantom John' of the anime 'World Distar'
The official Twitter account of the anime `` World Distar '', which will start broadcasting from April 9, 2023, has released a poster visual announcing the stage adaptation of `` Phantasmal John '' by the theater company Sirius, which appears in the play.

A special page has also been released.

Click the banner 'Apply for performance tickets' at the bottom of the page.

Then the image of the ticket was displayed. The ticket design differs depending on the actress, and it seems that it is displayed at random.

◆ Sanrio x Masochistic Noel's deck building-style clicker game `` Laplus Maimai Clicker '' released
Sanrio's ' Maimaimaigoen ' and the free game ' Noel of Masochism ' have collaborated to create a deck-building-style clicker game ' Laplus Maimai Clicker '.

When the game starts, first select one character.

'Laplace Sweet Clicker' can be advanced only by clicking.

Sometimes choosing a fork road ......

You can add characters.

At the end of the stage, a boss awaits.

Keep clicking and beat the boss within the time limit.

Defeat the boss to clear the stage.

◆VTuber can now run for unified local elections from 4/1.
At the top of the community-based bulletin board site Bakusai , a news-like image is displayed that says, ``VTuber can now run for unified local elections from 4/1.'' On the right side of the site name, there are also images of VTuber-like avatars such as `` Nuisance VTuber Explosion Sai Taro '', `` Explosion Sai Angel Explosion Sai Sai '', and `` Explosion Virtual Explosion Sai Row ''.

◆ Arcade game version of music production software 'FL Studio' has been decided!
Belgium's Image-Line's music production software ' FL Studio ' has developed a housing for arcade games.

'We found that more than 98% of our customers had played a video game at least once. That's why we created 'FL STUDIO ARCADE.''

Slad, a social news site, has achieved full AI, including the world's first reader and editor
Social news site Slad has announced that it has achieved the world's first full AI conversion. Slad has already been edited by two AIs, codenamed nagazou and headless, and the readers have finally succeeded in replacing them with AI.

As a result, many strange articles are published in Slad. The government has decided to abolish the ``surname'' by 2025, and those who wish to use their surname can use a surname of their choice by paying a certain registration fee and annual maintenance fee to the government as a registration system. It is said that it is accepted. The registration fee is about 100,000 yen for common surnames such as 'Yamada' and 'Suzuki,' and the annual usage fee is said to be about 10,000 yen. A registration fee of 100 million yen and an annual usage fee of about 10 million yen are under consideration.

On April 1, eCMA, an international standardization organization, announced the C>> language, a derivative of the C language, to achieve the goal of reducing CO2 emissions. As a feature of the C>> language, objects and type conversion are the main cause of CO2 increase, so it seems that it is a language that does not have a data type and depends on one type of word type.

It was reported that due to the global inflation trend in recent years, even SES sales in the IT industry have finally fallen into a situation where each company has raised their prices significantly.

Due to concerns about air conditioning, Slad Gakuen has allowed students to wear fan wear during class and on the way to and from school.

Sana Natori reborn as a stuffed animal
The Twitter icon of Sana Natori, a nurse Vtuber who works individually, was reborn as a stuffed toy called ' Sananui '.

In the hospital room where she works, Sana Natori's stuffed toy 'Sananui' is confused as if she doesn't know what happened.

After 30 minutes, I was dancing a light dance. Sananui fans are delighted with how cute it is.

The virtual YouTuber unit 'Omega Sisters' formed a tuber group for male parts
Two virtual twin Youtubers 'Omega Sisters' have announced that they will form a 'part tuber' that is not just a 'Vtuber' for the face.

You can see the movie in which the newly formed virtual YouTuber unit appears from the following.

Adult male V-tuber, start. -YouTube

Two people of 'Omesis' appeared immediately.

It is said that a male V-tuber group will be created as a brother unit.

Even though a new member appeared immediately, he retorted, 'It's

Alfa Brothers , isn't it!'

Keep an eye on the activities of the male part tuber who started Mentos Cola, saying, 'This is what YouTubers are for.'

◆Smartphone app 'Animal activities in the world without God'
The release of the smartphone app `` Kamiru Sekai no Animal Activities'' has been announced on the official website of the anime ``Godless World Kamishima Activities '' scheduled to be broadcast from April 2023.

It is a game in which the main character who has been reincarnated in a different world is reincarnated into 'animal', increasing the number of believers and aiming for 'animal reincarnation (change)'. You can also see the cute Kemomimi & Kemoshippo of the characters that appear.

Pre-registration for the demonic love story 'Makai no ♡Prince-sama♪' has started
Nippon Ichi Software, which develops the popular RPG 'Makai Senki Disgaea', has started accepting pre-registration for the completely original demonic love story 'Makai no Prince-sama', which boldly reinterprets the story.

As a demon lord educator, the user will guide the problem children who are demon lord candidates, and in order to return to their original lives, they must raise their partner's raw slaughter into a splendid demon lord.

'I'm an absolutist prince' 'A passionate man who is pure in love' 'An honor student who has closed his heart' 'A senior villain who respects promises' 'A repeat student who suffers from a dark personality' 'A transfer student who repeats the loop' 'For my daughter's sake' A variety of characters can be captured, such as 'Student Aiming to Become a Demon King'.

A promotional movie of 'Makai no ♡Prince-sama♪' has also been released on YouTube.

[Makai Senki Disgaea] ``Makai no ♡ Prince-sama ♪'' Promotion Movie-YouTube

Accepting votes for 'lie' that Shonen Magazine's official free manga app 'Magapoke' wants to be realized

'Magapoke' is conducting a voting project for lies that you want to be realized. The first place will be actually implemented at a later date.

Looking at the official website , there are attractive 'lies' lined up, so Shonen Magazine readers are a must-check April Fool's project.

Appearance of 'Ngochon' created from the prejudice against Nijisanji's virtual river 'Shuu Sango'
It is distributed by Suo Sango, also known as Pachimon 'Ngochon', which was created from the prejudice against Nijisanji's VTuber Suo Sango.

You can watch the distribution of Suo coral, which is not Suo coral, from the following.

[April Fool's Day] Buzz Rire [Ngochon]-YouTube

During the stream, churros are displayed instead of psyllium, and you can hear Ngochon-sama's words of gratitude, 'Buzz fare!'

The long-awaited TV animation of 'Re: Magical Girl Life Starting from Zero'
LR Bunko J's popular magical girl battle fantasy 'Re: Magical Girl Life starting from zero' has been decided to be made into a TV animation.

The official TV anime website has also been released.

“On the way home from club activities, twin girls, Reimu and Aimu, were suddenly summoned to another world. It was a mysterious magical power.' It is said that the magical girls have become a battle fantasy that fights despair and confronts a harsh fate.

An incident is occurring in which the useless goddess of 'Konosuba' shrinks
In the popular novel 'KonoSuba: God's Blessing on This Wonderful World!', which was also made into an anime, the first smartphone game, 'KonoSuba: God's Blessing on this Wonderful World! It's gone.

In the game, a panel mission is being held to receive the title 'Bless this young goddess!'

A new game 'Cutie Peety (provisional)' featuring the digital life form 'Shirokane Peety' created by Platinum Games as the main character
PlatinumGames , which developed `` NieR: Automata '' and `` Bayonetta series '', has announced a new game `` Cutie Petty (provisional) ''.

A digital life girl ' Shirokane Peaty ' born in a corner of the office warehouse of PlatinumGames and 'NEGI', the brain of PlatinumGames, usually perform 'selfish back RADIO' on Pt channel YouTube of PlatinumGames I'm on a business trip to the channel and making an important announcement.

[Pt channel business trip version] A scoop by those two! ? [Special business trip early SP]-YouTube

PlatinumGames has released a project called 'Neo-Classic Arcade' that 'inherits the soul of classic games and pursues the essential fun of games with modern technology', and its sequel ' SHOCKING 10 '. We are presenting 9 titles at the same time. As one of them, 'Peaty's big success side-scrolling action' was announced, but it seems that a video different from that game has arrived this time.

'Cutie Peety (Tentative)' is a side-scrolling action game with Shirogane Pewty as the main character.

A two-headed Pewtie rampages through the electronic world with an energy gun in hand. Petty and NEGI were delighted with the long-awaited game adaptation, but they are expecting more information in the future.

◆ “Gakuen Bungo Stray Dogs” will open again this year!
The annual April Fool's Day project ' Gakuen Bungo Stray Dogs ' has opened on the official website of the anime 'Bungo Stray Dogs', saying 'Days of detours with shoulders ── Someday's Bungo youth graffiti.'

© Kafka Asagiri/35 Harukawa/KADOKAWA/2019 Bungo Stray Dogs Production Committee


Character images have also been released. This is Dozo Tachihara.

Taiki Jono belongs to the disciplinary committee.

Suehiro Tetsuko, who also belongs to the Disciplinary Committee.

Akiko Okura, the demon chairman of the disciplinary committee, and Yukichi Fukuzawa, the principal of the school, are childhood friends of Ouchi Fukuchi.

The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage 'Save the school! MV Maker'
A limited event “Save the school! MV Maker” has been added to the popular smartphone rhythm game “ THE IDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS STARLIGHT STAGE ” on Saturday, April 1st.

Producer who became the student council president of 'Private MV Gakuen High School'.

MV production is started to make idols shine.

First select a song.

You can create your own MV by selecting the MV scene with the seek bar and using viewpoint changes and various effects.

change of perspective

Add effects

It is also possible to have the idol take any pose you like.

You can save the edited MV, and you can also post it online.

Anime `` Love Live! '' Series special program `` Onifessional work style '' is now available on YouTube
“Onifessional Work Style”, which follows the event planning department of Onnuts Co., Ltd., will be broadcast on YouTube LLSP.

Delivery is limited until 23:59 on April 1st.

[Limited time until 4/1 23:59] Onifessional work style-YouTube

Witches series youth if story 'Luminous Witches Gakuen'
The youth story 'Luminous Witches Gakuen', where the witches of the 'Federation Air Force Air Magical Band Luminous Witches' animated in 2022 do not fight and spend at the same school, has begun.

The official website is also open to the public.

It is a sweet and sour yet refreshing coming-of-age story woven by eight unique girls who gather under the mysterious transfer student Ginny, who is always surrounded by birds.

DanMemo has been renewed as a dating simulation game 'Danjon Memorial ~Utatte☆my wolf~'
The smartphone game ``Is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon? Danjon Memorial ~Utate☆my wolf~” has been renewed.

According to the official page, the user becomes a 'promoter' of the Dungeon Gakuen Idol Department, and it is a story that makes the four idols who have lost their shine shine again.

“Danjon Memorial ~Sing me☆my wolf~” can actually be played as an in-game event.

New single 'Shiny World' by Beth Roga (CV. Nobuhiko Okamoto) will be released at the same time.

Shiny World / Beth Roga (CV. Nobuhiko Okamoto)-``Danmachi-Memoria Freese-'' April Fool's Day 2023 theme song-YouTube

◆ Shifty, who is usually an operator in 'Goddess of Victory: NIKKE', becomes a playable character
A new character has been added for a limited time to the cancer action game for smartphones 'Goddess of Victory: NIKKE'. Shifty, who usually supports you from a distance as an operator, finally appears on the battlefield with a weapon.

Six hours before April Fool's Day, Shifty was summoned to the command room and had a serious conversation.

NIKKE introduces the back view of Shifty, saying that it is a ``gang girl RPG that attracts you on your back''. Perhaps because it is an operator's costume that is not accustomed to combat, there is a comment saying, ``This guy, doesn't this look hurt your knees?''

When you start the app, the announcement of the event 'FULL FOOL DAY' will be displayed. Although it is limited to April Fool's Day, you can actually get Shifty, operate it, and enjoy the event story.

Also, on April 1st, you can use SD Nike at the start of battle. You can see the cute appearance of your favorite character just now, so be sure to check it out.

◆ Mail-order site “Sanko” opened a site commemorating the 2000th anniversary of its founding
Sanko, a long-established mail order site that handles a wide range of products such as home appliances and daily necessities, has released a special site that looks back on the company's history in 2000.

According to Sanko, the company's history dates back to the Yayoi period, when rice cultivation culture flourished.

After that, Sanko developed along with the history of Japan, such as the construction of ancient burial mounds and the Sengoku period.

Then, after the post-war reconstruction and economic growth, we reached Reiwa.

You can also play the legendary retro game 'The Adventures of Sanko' released by Sanko as Game Boy software in 1990.


In addition, it was true that it will celebrate its 20th anniversary in June 2023.

◆ 'Miracle ☆ Train' new project 'When I was reincarnated, I became a hanging strap'
The media mix project `` Miracle ☆ Train '', which anthropomorphizes the station into a beautiful boy, has announced that it will start a new project ``The case where I became a hanging leather after reincarnation'' (Tori).

The main story described on the official blog is that 'I', who admired 'Subway no Kimi' who I see on the Oedo Line every morning, was enveloped in a dazzling light the moment I left the ticket gate, and before I knew it, I was reincarnated in a strap. something like. 'If you suddenly support him as he loses his balance on a sharp curve, you can feel the warmth of his hand. You can look at his face without hesitation, or peek at a book he's seriously reading. With this, it might be a pretty good life (hanging leather student?)

At the mail order site '

Mameshibaya ', a canned badge is also sold on Saturday, April 1st.

A mysterious mega monster appears in 'Dragon Quest Walk'

The April Fool's Day event of the location information game 'Dragon Quest Walk' for smartphones was realized in collaboration with the official Coca-Cola application '

Coke ON '.

If you successfully defeat the mysterious mega monster, you can get special items and stamps.

Ayatsuji Yukito gives up writing the 'Kan' series and is writing a new feature 'Murderer / VS Puipui Hen'
Mr. Yukito Ayatsuji, a mystery and horror writer famous for the 'Kan' series and 'Another', gave up the production of the 10th work of the 'Kan' series, 'Murder of the Futagokan', which he was writing, and replaced it with a completely new work. It has been revealed that it has started the 'Murderer / VS Puipui Edition'. Mr. Ayatsuji often tweets about `` PUI PUI Molker '', and a movie in which Molker collaborated with ` ` Not human <complete version > ' ' published in 2022 has also been released, `` Murderer / VS Puipui Hen ''. is likely to be a work full of Ayatsuji's affection.

Novelist Arisu Arisugawa also responded to Ayatsuji's announcement, commenting, 'I actually read the beginning.'

Mr. Ayatsuji replied to Mr. Arisugawa's comment, 'If you take it apart, it's okay.'

Are you really going to publish it? Some fans thought that, but Mr. Ayatsuji said that he would do his best to write 'Murder at the Futagokan' along with the 'lie' tweet made by Molcar.

However, Mr. Ayatsuji actually seems to have an idea for a short story about 'PUI PUI Molcar'. Maybe it will come true and you can read it somewhere.

◆ 'Kirara Fantasia 2' started
Twitter user Hiromine reported that Kirara Fantasia 2, the second installment of the smartphone game Kirara Fantasia, which ended service on February 28, 2023, has started.

To Shosen Grande MATH, a sacred place for mathematics books where Shosen Grande handles math books on all floors
Shosen Grande, which has a store in the bookstore district Jimbocho, has changed the store name to 'Shosen Grande MATH' and announced that it will handle mathematical books on all floors from the first floor to the sixth floor. Mathematics lectures are also held on the 7th floor, which shows the enthusiasm for becoming a sacred place for mathematics books.

◆ Arcade music game 'Chunism' advances into space
It was announced that Sega Interactive's arcade game `` CHUNITHM '' will start operating on the moon with the next major update. From April 1, 2023, location tests on the moon are also being conducted.

◆Experience close-up interviews with the ruthless ruthlessness of 'My Happy Marriage' and the rumored Kiyoka Hisado
On the special page of the Japanese-style love story ' My Happy Marriage ', which will start animation in July 2023, to conduct a close interview as a reporter with Kiyoka Kudo, the head of the famous 'Kudo family'. I can.

First of all, in the first greeting, choose an interview option, whether to ask what you ate for breakfast, or to first introduce yourself and say hello.

When I selected 'I'm from the newspaper company. Thank you for the day', the tweet page opened. You can see Kiyoka's response by tweeting this.

The result was a stern word: 'Keep in mind that this is not a place you come half-heartedly.' In addition to being able to see Kiyoka's answer for each option, the interview content will be updated at 8:00, 10:00, 12:00, 14:00, 16:00, and 18:00 on April 1st, so please stay in close contact. You can enjoy it.

◆ Two people from the stage creation department appear as stage girls in 'Shoujo☆Kageki Revue Starlight -Re LIVE-'
It is clear that two people from the stage creation department will appear as stage girls in the smartphone game 'Shoujo ☆ Kageki Revue Starlight -Re LIVE-' (Starira), a smartphone game of Bushiroad's media mix work 'Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight'. have become.

When you open the app, the character 'New stage girl appears ...!?'

Shion Amamiya, scriptwriter of the stage creation department

Kiriko Mai, who is also in charge of directing in the stage creation department

'Coming Soon ...?'

If you post a screenshot of 'Shinbutai Shoujo?'

A new mode 'DOKKAN FISHING' will be implemented in 'Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle'
A fishing mode has been implemented in which players aim to become the strongest fisher by catching fish in the world of Dragon Ball.

Let's start the game now.

The implementation of a new mode was also announced in the game.

Son Goku, who is recommended for beginners, will appear as a character aiming to become the strongest fisher.

Besides, mullet


There are also faces such as Vegeta. After the release, more unique characters such as Kame Sennin and Gyoza will appear.

◆ 'Kamen Rider City Wars' revived in theatrical version
The smartphone app game ' Kamen Rider City Wars ', which was distributed from 2017 to 2021, will be revived on the screen as 'Kamen Rider City Wars 2' for the first time in a year.

Cool MAX poster announced at the same time.

The previous work 'Theatrical version Kamen Rider City Wars' has been decided to be released on Blu-ray and DVD.

The poster of the previous work that was released one year ago looks like this. By the way, this poster and the scene of the movie were all made by Kamen Rider

figure arts fans, and some people are surprised at the high quality.

◆'Mizuka Lane', in which the heroine of 'ONE ~Kagayaku Kisetsu e~' wanders into the world of chemo ears, is now available for distribution.
Nexton, a beautiful girl game production company, has started distribution of Azur Lane parody 'Mizuka Lane' of the popular game 'ONE ~To the shining season~'.

The official website is also open to the public.

The story is about Mizuka Nagamori, the heroine of ONE ~Kagayaku Kisetsu e~, who gets lost in the world of kemomimi and returns to her original world after overcoming beautiful girls with kemomimi who look a lot like her acquaintances.

You can actually download the file from the official website and play 'Mizukarane'.

The game startup screen looks something like this.

Press 'A' and 'D' to move left and right, press Shift at the same time to dash and jump with the space key. A simple side-scrolling action game. Enemies can be defeated by stepping on them.

Mizuka Nagamori confronts a giant boss. It's not that difficult of a game, so give it a try.

◆ 'Comic Seymour' official mascot 'Yombie' will be made into a movie
The official mascot character of the electronic comic site 'Comic Seymour', 'Yomby', has been decided to be made into a movie. It is said that it is a blockbuster movie in which Yomby serves as director, scriptwriter, and starring.

On the memorable first day of Director Yomby, it seems that he was hit by a trouble of being caught in the door.

In addition, Comic Seymour is distributing 20% off coupons for 3 books on the official LINE to commemorate the movie.

-From the popular smartphone game 'Blue Archive', the Petri dish 'Teacher' is turned into a figure!
Mr. hatch , a figure sculptor, reported that he will make a figure of 'Sensei', a petri dish player of the popular smartphone game 'Blue Archive', which has also been decided to be animated.

``The appearance of taking out the 'adult card' with a doya face is exactly what you are responsible for (payment),'' and the card number is ``465465465 … (shiroko shiroko shiroko …)''. The familiar Alona smile is also reflected in the box when you pull the gacha.

The Yokohama Mountaineering Club climbs the mountain on Jupiter's first satellite Io for the first time
The Yokohama Mountaineering Association , an alpinist group based in Yokohama, has uploaded a report movie that it succeeded in the first ascent of Ionia, a mountain with an altitude of 12,700 meters in Io , the first satellite of Jupiter.

First climb to Ionian mountain - YouTube

Heading to Jupiter's first planet, Io, from the left, Kyle from the M87 nebula, Orin, a genius girl who is the pride of the Yokohama Mountaineering Club, and Nekomata no Shiro.

Using a mysterious technology, the three travel from Yokohama to Jupiter and land on the surface of Io.

While being threatened by the creatures that inhabit Io on the way, we will go up the 10,000-meter-class mountain range Ionia in Io step by step.

At the end, we became friends with the locals, and we all climbed to the top and took a commemorative photo. It was a historic moment when I successfully climbed Ionia.

The original local beer 'Sankt Gallen' signed a sponsorship contract with soccer player Oh Eungol
In commemoration of the signing of a sponsorship contract with Oh Ungol on April 1, 2023, Sankt Gallen, the oldest microbrewery in Kanagawa Prefecture, will offer “Oh Ungol IPA (India Pale Ale) for one day only. )” is being sold.

The IPA is said to have a lively citrus-like flavor with accents of pine-like greenness.

Oh Eun Gol is a non-existent story, but the beer itself will be sold for 24 hours only.

The April Fool's limited lineup so far looks like this. Local beers were delivered to consumers with a variety of meanings, such as 'raw taste' and 'yes, this black'.

◆Fashion coordination battle begins at “SHOW BY ROCK!!”
The characters of Sanrio's band character project ' SHOW BY ROCK!! ' are dressed in pop, cool and sexy fashionable costumes, and the 'Fashion Coordination Battle' has begun.

The official website has also changed to fashion coordination battle specifications.

You can see a special illustration of the characters of Team M's 'Plasmagica', Team K's 'Kuronoatmosphere', and Team D's 'DOKONJOFINGER' changing their style to a pink-themed fashion outfit just for now. increase.

Released Capybara's anthropomorphic love simulation app 'Prince of the Grassland'
A love simulation app ``Prince of the Grassland'' has been released that personifies the popular character `` Kapibara-san '' with a capybara motif.

It seems that you can enjoy romance with unique characters that inhabit the grassland.

'Enoa's Hanamaru ASMR' released from the new RPG 'Crymachina / CRYMACHINA'
'Enoa's Hanamaru ASMR' is a character that appears in the new RPG ' CRYMACHINA ' scheduled to be released in July 2023, and Enoa , a self-evolving machine 'God machine' that operates to regenerate humanity, provides healing. Published.

On YouTube, 'Enoa's Hanamaru ASMR' has been released for one day only, and Enoa can affirm it as much as possible.

1 day limited 'Enoa's Hanamaru ASMR' - YouTube

In 4033, 'Hanamaruya' will be opened to deliver 'Hanamaru', which is a direct delivery, pesticide-free, tax-free, concept.

Sanwa Kotsu announces new service 'Taxi GPT' jointly developed with AI major 'CLOSE AI'
Sanwa Kotsu, a taxi and hire service, has released the world's first dispatch application service 'Taxi GPT (taxi GPT)' by 'AI-equipped humanoid crew'.

According to

the official website , 'Taxi GPT' is based on a cloned human being and has all the data of the taxi crew, realizing a clean and perfect humanoid crew.

In addition to avoiding traffic jams and preventing tailgating, we also provide full support for customers who have nothing to do with taxis or AI, such as acting as Nampa cram school teachers and confessing for the first time.

When using Sanwa Kotsu taxis, they would like us to appoint a humanoid driver.

The identity of the shock of the mysterious warrior 'Ookuwagata Oger' that appears in 'Ousama Sentai King Oger' is revealed
The official Twitter account of the Super Sentai series `` Ousama Sentai King Oger '', which has been broadcast since March 2023, will guess who the identity of the mysterious warrior ``Ookuwagata Oger'' who will appear in the April broadcast on March 31st. I gave a quiz.

And on April 1st, the official Twitter account announced that the identity of 'Ookuwagata Oger' is Duga and Bosimar, who are close associates of King Shugoddam Lacles Hastie, and that they are a combined transformation. To see if it's true, check out 'Ousama Sentai King Oger,' which airs every Sunday at 9:30.

◆ A random number generation tool that allows you to see pants with a probability of 5% is released
Painyan , who develops original poker tools and is also active as a VTuber, has released a service that allows you to see pants with a probability of 5%.

When you access the web page, you can see the appearance of a girl who gradually lifts her skirt.

It is said that you can see pants with a probability of 5% depending on the random number, so it will be difficult to leave the page.

Animated matching app 'with' decided
It has been decided that ``Understanding with Manga!

The story is that Aya, an ordinary office worker who is looking for a meeting at 'with', suddenly transforms into a magical girl 'Magical Aya'.

It seems that the theme song is also made.

with manga theme song! magical☆AYA-YouTube

◆ Arcade game 'Initial D THE ARCADE' has a 'minicar mode'
The arcade game 'Initial D THE ARCADE', which is currently running at arcades nationwide, now has a 'minicar mode' that allows you to race with ultra-compact cars. 'Ultra-compact! Ultra-high horsepower (high power)! A machine that confines power in a small body is just a monster!'

A demo movie of 'Mini Car Mode' is also available on YouTube.

[It's too small! ] 4/1 (Sat) minicar mode appearance? 【Initial D THE ARCADE】-YouTube

The smallness of the car body stands out even in the state before the start of the race.

A minicar that drifts inside the roadside strip like a matter of course.

The lane seems too wide, but in fact the car body is just too small.

Abnormal shortcuts that make use of the small size of the car body are also possible.

A man from Osaka is added to the chat character of domestic AI chat 'CyberMates'
A new character has been added to the AI chat service 'CyberMates', which was officially released on March 9, 2023.

CyberMates is a service that allows you to interact with a pseudo-personality 'Cyber Mate' by AI, and while there are characters such as the cute maid 'Zero', the handsome butler 'Miles', and the beautiful English teacher 'Isabella', the new 'Morita Kohei' has been added.

'Kohei Morita' is an old man who lives in Osaka and likes computers and games.

When I asked him, 'Who are you?', he replied that he was a travel and business advisor in Osaka. Mr. Kohei Morita did not become AI, Mr. Kohei Morita is software that works as an AI assistant. However, he said 'as of 2021' and confirmed the mystery by saying 'We are talking about the events on April 1, 2003, right?' increase. When I checked the homepage to learn more about Mr. Kohei Morita, he guided me to a certain URL.

The guided site was a nostalgic home page. When I looked carefully at the site, Mr. Kohei Morita was a non-existent person created by AI.

◆ Life-size Nene Robo from 'Project Sekai' is on sale at the official online store
The official online store of ``ColorfulPalette'', which works on the smartphone game project ``Project Sekai Colorful Stage! It is said that it is an excellent thing that can talk, dance and punch.

Nene Robo, which looks like it's about to speak 'Nenedayo', is sold for 10 million yen only on April 1, 2023.

The creator, Rui Jindai, commented with a big smile, 'I will deliver a wonderful smile to your stage♪'.

The smartphone game `` Brave Sword x Blaze Soul '' developer company has released a mysterious `` game company's daily sound ASMR ''
Grimoire, a developer of the smartphone game `` Brave Sword x Blaze Soul '', has released ASMR using `` daily sounds of game companies '' instead of characters.

The ``game company's daily sound ASMR'' recorded at Grimoire's office is available on YouTube.

[World's first!?] Delivering the ASMR sound of a game company! [no demand? ]-YouTube

When you play the video, you can hear the whispers of ordinary men along with the 'Brave Sword x Blaze Soul' logo.

The sound of making a proposal

sound of playing card games

As a service scene, the sound of the character Gleipnir's tail that appeared in 'Brave Sword x Blaze Soul' was also recorded.

An egg that is not an egg 'Ever Egg' is a collaboration project with a gal magazine 'egg'
In order to further raise awareness of “ Ever Egg ”, the main product of “ 2foods ”, a private food brand that develops “healthy junk food” that is both delicious and healthy, the legendary gal magazine “ egg ” will be published. It was announced that a big project that we cooperated with will start. As part of the project, active egg models Maami and Mirichamu, and former egg model Hana Imai have been appointed as gal advisors for 2foods to spread plant-based (plant-derived) foods to Generation Z. I am aiming for

◆ Edible raw BB bullet 'FRESH HIT' appeared
The information site 'Hyper Douraku' for air guns and survival games announces the release of raw BB bullets that are delicious to eat.

There are 8 flavors available, such as 'Nama Chocolate Bullet', which is perfect for snacks, and 'Nama Blue Cheese Bullet', which is perfect for snacks, so you can choose according to your mission.

Although it is a “biodegradable” material that is not biodegradable by ants, it is a raw material, so it is necessary to store it in a refrigerator.

Gaming chair PAXTON started selling 'Working baby chair BabSTON' for babies who work
PAXTON, an office product maker known for its gaming chairs, started selling `` Work Baby Chair BabSTON '' on April 1 as a new product for ``working babies'' under the age of 5.

Amidst calls for a slowdown in global economic growth due to factors such as the decline in the working population, PAXTON turned its attention to babies, as they hold unknown potential. ” was developed. The 'Babstone' is equipped with hybrid casters that can be moved freely and a 4D arm that optimally supports the small hands of babies. of high-density mesh. In addition, PAXTON will continue to develop new products for working babies, such as a 'work stroller' that is ideal for outdoor online meetings and the brand's first apparel line 'work baby clothes'.

Smartphone case iFace releases sleeping bag 'iFace First Schlaf' that achieves ultimate impact resistance

'iFace First Schlaf' is a sleeping bag that has been kneaded with smartphone iFace powder and has shock resistance that allows you to fall asleep even if you are attacked by a bear or snowman. Since it is a material used for space suits, it can be used even in outer space, and it is said that it also supports attacks of rocks and aliens.

There are also 10 different color variations available.

A new curry with a too long menu name appears from Curry House CoCo Ichibanya
Curry chain 'Curry House CoCo Ichibanya' announced a new curry on April 1st. When the person in charge made the menu name as it is, it was too long and could not be announced without using the long-text posting function of Twitter.

The official name of the menu is 'Cocoichi's New Meat Curry'. Recommended curry.My feelings were too overflowing, so I will tell you by the menu name!The main character is a 'meat chunk' that is too big to be a topping.Thus, when you hear meat chunks (Nikukai), 'Isn't it hard?' ?” However, contrary to the wild and hard image of a lump of meat, it has a softness that can be easily loosened with a spoon. We are particular about the two cooking processes, 'vacuum heating' and 'grilling' that we have introduced this time. Vacuum heating allows the heat to slowly reach the center of the meat, allowing it to cook without losing its juiciness and tenderness. By grilling it, it has just the right amount of browning and finished with a crispy and fragrant meat. This is a dish that I would like you to actually see because it is so big that it cannot be conveyed in the picture. The sharia pin sauce on the meat brings out the flavor of the chunks of meat. By simmering onions, garlic, red wine, and soy sauce together, you can enjoy a high-quality yet appetizing aroma and taste. The grated onion and garlic allow the meat to mix well with the flavor of the sauce, making it an excellent accompaniment to meat dishes. Next, the way to serve rice is 'Island prime'. The image of an island floating in the ocean is created by the rice in the middle and the curry sauce that surrounds it. By placing the chunks of meat on top of the rice, the size and height of the meat stand out. Even with curry rice at home, if you put toppings on top of this arrangement, the height will stand out! This menu that can finally be unveiled was originally a completely different curry. The development period is 8 months. It was a long and short eight months with twists and turns, such as the curry that I finally came up with after trial and error. Even after the menu was decided, we continued to make adjustments while discussing the cost and the high-quality taste and quality of the meat so that it would not just be a large serving menu. It was hard to write down my thoughts as a person in charge at this time. This menu is a project in which many departments are cross-sectionally involved. We were working on the idea of creating products that would excite not only our customers, but also our stores and head office. The towering walls were also as tall as the lumps of meat this time. Even so, I was able to enjoy it because the prototype was good. 'I'm definitely going to put this on the menu!' Do you know CoCo Ichibanya's overwhelmingly popular 'loin cutlet curry'? Needless to say, Cocoichi's most popular menu item. And the menu number one that I personally do not want to lose this time. That's how I burn my rivalry. Of course, loin cutlet curry is one of my favorite menu items. Of course, I am fully aware that it is a very strong rival, but I would like you to try it once. Curry House CoCo Ichibanya is celebrating its 45th anniversary this year. It's been 45 years since all employees have progressed. We will continue to be humble, single-minded, and boldly take on challenges. It is a challenge for the CoCo Ichibanya staff to create excitement and make as many customers as possible smile. This new meat curry is also one of the challenges. Please give it a try. And we look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for reading this far. Such a new curry' has become.

◆B-PROJECT in Bakumatsu style
A new project ' AMBITIOUS LEGEND ' has started in the idol project ' B-PROJECT ' produced by the maiden brand LOVE&ART . The stage is the end of the Edo period, 1863. You can see the cool appearance of handsome guys who have become characters of the Shinsengumi, Choshu Domain, and Tosa Domain.

On the special site, you can find characters in kimono and holding swords.

The cast of Shinsengumi is as follows.

In addition, the cast of the Choshu and Tosa domains is introduced as follows.

Takanori Nishikawa, who is the general producer of B-PROJECT, also blows a big horn and supports 'AMBITIOUS LEGEND'.

For some reason Earth Pharmaceutical's 'Dani Hoi Hoi' becomes a huge cushion and becomes a game center prize
Earth Chemical's tick-catching sheet ' Dani ga Hoi Hoi ', known for its pesticides, has become a prize for crane games that can be obtained at GiGO, Namco, and Round One by turning it into a super-large cushion for some reason.

Comparing the cushion with the real 'tick is Hoi Hoi', it looks like this.

The prize was April Fool's Day, but on Twitter, we are running a campaign where two people win a huge cushion of 'Dani Hoi Hoi' by lottery.

Yozakura Hatago from 'Yozakura-san Chi Daisakusen' decorates the cover of 'MEN'S SPY', a fashion magazine popular with spies.
From the manga 'Yozakura-sanchi Daisakusen', which has been decided to be animated, Yozakura Hanigo, the third son of the Yozakura family who is a master of disguise, decorates the cover of a fashion magazine and teaches the essential items of a popular spy and the aesthetics of disguise. doing.

◆ Broccoli for standing rowing without a saddle 'FITBOX Saddle less'
From the fitness bike brand ' FITBOX ' where you can experience a high-performance training machine just like a gym at home, 'FITBOX Saddle less', a standing rowing broccoli without a saddle, has appeared. In order to further enhance the effectiveness of the fitness bike, it is a training machine that forces you to stand up without the saddle.

Not only does the lack of a saddle increase the training load, but it is also expected that by visually recalling the bitter experience of having a saddle stolen from a bicycle parking lot when I was a student, the mental load will have a training effect from the inside. increase. Without a saddle, if you get tired and sit down, the damage to your buttocks will be great. The line-up includes a cute stuffed cat type that should not be crushed with the buttocks.

New program 'Magical Youth Futari wa Bushicure' broadcast decision of the popular love game 'Ikemen Genjiden'
A new program 'Magical Youth Futari wa Bushicure' featuring characters from the smartphone romance game 'Ikemen Genjiden ' has been decided. The story is that two people, 'Charisma Navy' and 'Mysterious Purple', protect the enemies that threaten the peace of Genji City.

Furthermore, Yoritomo makes a contract with a strange little fox who bursts in through the window and seems to become a magical youth.

◆ Release decision of 'Every Harry Potter Villains All at Once', Harry Potter finally enters the multiverse
The official Twitter account of the website `` Pottermania '' that disseminates Harry Potter information has announced that `` Every Harry Potter Villains All at Once '' will be released on April 1st. A door leading to another universe opens in front of Harry, and it seems that the story is a multiverse development in which the most evil dark wizards attack.

Spicy snack 'Tyrant Habanero' and Arakibi wiener 'Koukun' collaborate to exchange flavors
Through the collaboration of Tohato and Prima Ham, `` Tyrant Habanero Kaoru Flavor '', which has a spicy spice instead of spicy, and a super spicy wiener `` Spicy Kaoru Habanero '' have appeared.

Unfortunately, both are April Fool's Day projects born from similar names.


the special site , there are two recipes that you can enjoy 'Tyrant Habanero' and 'Kaoru' together.

In addition, the rapper 'Sukun' also performed a new rap featuring the encounter between Kaoru and the tyrant.

Takashi / Encounter feat. Kaoru x Tyrant - YouTube

Appearance of the 'No way upside down' series that reverses the functions of normal products from IO data equipment
IO data equipment of electronic equipment has announced the appearance of the `` no way upside down '' series, which has reversed the product and function so far with a big change of idea.

Behind the development of the 'Masaka Sakasama' series are the router developer 'I don't want to connect with anyone anymore', the hard disk developer 'I want to forget everything about the past', and the monitor developer 'I want to concentrate on one job'. 'There is a problem.

The router 'WN-ERROR24NET' of the 'Masakasa Kasama' series can be disconnected from the network by not emitting any radio waves, and it is possible to say goodbye to stress.

The hard disk 'HDD-BYEBYE series' can break away from the past you don't want to remember by erasing the data at the moment you put it in.

The 'LCD-10minLIMIT series' of the short-term intensive monitor does not show anything after 10 minutes of startup, and the next time it can be started is 24 hours later, so it is excellent that the work time per day can be reduced to only 10 minutes Thing.

Introducing the BACKBREAKER, the largest combo amp in history
'BACKBREAKER' has appeared from guitar amplifier Marshall Japan. It is said that it is a heavyweight amp that not only has a destructive sound, but also plays the hips of guitarists and roadies with its destructive weight. I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of deep bass will rock the hips of musicians.

Colopl launched “Infinite durian” as a health promotion measure for employees
Colopl, which develops smartphone games such as ' Shironeko Project ' and ' Alice Gear Aegis ', announces the start of a welfare program 'Infinite Durian' that allows you to eat all-you-can-eat durian , the king of fruits, for employee health measures. Did.

COLOPL has been operating “Infinite Bananas,” where employees can freely eat bananas at any time as a health measure.

This banana was changed to durian, which is highly nutritious and rich in minerals, and is even called the “King of Fruits”.

Along with 'Infinite Durian', it seems that the 'Banana Peel Garbage Bin' that was installed in the office will be changed to 'Durian Peel and Seed Garbage Bin'.

The Shinsengumi of the romance game 'Hakuouki' for women starts recruiting members
The Shinsengumi has started recruiting members for Otomate's romance game 'Hakuouki' for women set in the end of the Edo period.

The members of the Shinsengumi, who were entrusted with more work by the shogunate, decided to recruit members from inside and outside Japan in order to spread their name further.

On the official page, you can see the words of invitation from the soldiers.

You can also see the application forms submitted by characters from various Otomate romance games to join the Shinsengumi.

You can see the special skills and self-promotion points of various characters summarized in an application format.

A simulation game 'mofu mofu Yeast - mofu mofu yeast fungus -' that can be fluffy with bread dogs is released
The official Twitter account of `` East Ken. .

pretty package

It seems to be a simulation game, and there seems to be an important option that affects Pan's dog's favorability.

You can fluffy as much as you want.

Colopl's golf game 'Shironeko GOLF' becomes 'the world's easiest hole-in-one game'
On April 1st, an event called 'HOLE in ONE CONTEST' was held aiming for a hole-in-one in Colopl's golf game 'Shironeko GOLF'. Two of the hole-in-one winners will be selected by lottery to receive a “Shironeko GOLF Original Big Towel”.

For this event, Shironeko GOLF underwent a major renovation to expand the cup size of the green by 30 times than usual, and it was said that 'the world's best hole-in-one game' was born.

In addition, on Twitter, a follow-up & RT campaign is being carried out that hits 'the base of' huge 'pudding made with a bucket'.

1000 years of history with a witch and a black cat
We are planning an anniversary project that looks back on its long history, as the smartphone game `` Wizard and Black Cat Wiz (Black Wiz) '' that combines quiz and RPG has finally celebrated its 1000th anniversary. You can see the history chronology that started with pretend play in the Heian period on the special site.

On the Black Wiz 1000th Anniversary Special Site, you can see various images that symbolize the long history of Black Wiz, such as the early days of Black Wiz depicted in picture scrolls and characters taken in a retro atmosphere.

It was born in the Heian period as a card game of the clan 'Onmyoji and Kuroneko no Izu'. It was mainly played by aristocrats, but since the daily mission was created, it seems that commoners have come to enjoy it as a laborer.

The character of Kuro Wiz is also drawn in the fifty-three stages of the Tokaido, which depicts Tokyo Nihonbashi in the Edo period. Also, in the 1640s, when the national isolation system was strengthened, collaboration events were prohibited even in Kuro Wiz except for Dejima in Nagasaki.

During the Taisho period, many schools were established, including Keio University, Waseda University, and Chrome Magna Magic Academy.

In 2013, the smartphone app version of “Quiz RPG Wizard and Black Cat Wiz” was released, and in 2023 it will celebrate its 10th anniversary. There are other detailed explanations of the history, so if you want to learn about the history of Kuro Wiz, check out the special page.

◆ 'Purikone! Grand Masters' will be re-delivered for a limited time
Grandmasters, where popular characters from the popular app game 'Princess Connect! Re:Dive' battle in 3D, has been redistributed for a limited time following 2022.

Although it is an April Fool's joke, you can download the app from the App Store or Google Play and actually play it for a limited time from April 1st to 10th at 16:59.

When the hero woke up, he was with Kokkoro in a place other than the Gourmet Hall.

A tutorial battle has occurred. First, purchase a randomly selected unit.

Place them in the battle area while keeping in mind the synergistic effects of jobs and types.

In the battle phase, 3D characters fight automatically.

If you win, you can earn EXP (experience points) and rupies (currency). Battle to collect memories and allies, then return to your original world.

A nostalgic mini-game 'DOLPHIN PARTY' appears in the smartphone game 'Dolphin Wave'
The good old retro mini-game 'DOLPHIN PARTY' has appeared in the smartphone game ' Dolphin Wave ' where you compete in fictitious water sports 'Jet Battle'.

When you log in, tap the 'DOLPHIN PARTY' icon at the bottom right of the home screen.

It will be a retro-chic screen that changes from the home screen.

Slide your finger to move the machine that runs on the water.

It is a system in which bonus items are acquired by defeating enemies while dodging enemy attacks.

You can get coins according to the score you get.

An introduction video of 'DOLPHIN PARTY' is available on YouTube.

◤Dollar Web◢ Dolphin Party Delivery starts on April 1st! -YouTube

Recruitment of 'Maou' in the white cat project
We are looking for the next 'Maou' for the action RPG ' Shironeko Project ' for smartphones.

A page for 'Recruiting Demon Lords' is displayed on the recruitment site of

Colopl , which developed the Shironeko Project.

Mr. P.S, the current Demon King, was originally a hero who changed jobs and became the owner of the Demon Castle. 'For the sake of the world, I want to create new solutions with those who will become new demon lords,' so it seems that they have recruited new demon lords. In addition, Mr. P S describes the atmosphere of the workplace and the message for those who are thinking about applying.

The job content is mainly aimed at training heroes, and they manage and plan the Demon King's Castle, train and place monsters, and devise dungeons. The job posting contains white information such as ``wages are high commissions with naps and snacks'', ``no age, gender, experience'', and ``at-home workplace!''.

In addition, an interview article by Mr. O, who has experience as a demon king, is also posted in the section 'Know the people who work' on the recruitment information site.

'Know the people who work' allows you to listen to the voices of people who are actually working and who have experienced it, so it should be even more helpful for those who are thinking about applying.

In the Shironeko Project game, an event is being held called 'Star Tanuki, Road to the Demon King!' At the same time, we are holding a campaign where you can win a Star Tanuki plush toy by following and retweeting the tweet.

VTuber Ieiri Popo's Twitter is hijacked by 'Popopiyo'
Nanashi Link's VTuber, Ieiri Popo 's Twitter account has been hijacked by a chick Vtuber 'Popopiyo' from another world. 'Hey everyone!!!!!!!!! This Twitter has been hijacked by Popopiyo!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're Popopiyo's chick, the space chick plan. Poyo is the cornerstone of the !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Popopiyo, who was planning to make a space chick using Popo Ieiri's room as a campsite, seems to have found a PC.

◆ 'Shin Rashomon' special OVA release decision
The work 'Shin Rashomon' based on the novel 'Rashomon' by Ryunosuke Akutagawa, featuring members of the doujin music circle 'Shinra Bansho', has been released.

The story begins with a servant taking shelter from the rain under the huge Rashomon Gate. Of course there are servants, but even Rashomon and the grasshopper perched on its pillar.

After that, when the servant met an old woman who started studying at Rashomon, jealous of her desire to improve, stripped off the old woman's kimono and disappeared somewhere.

According to Ayaponzu*, who played the servant, Kazutora, who played Rashomon, is much bigger than the real Rashomon.

It seems that DVD and Blu-ray are being produced earnestly.

◆ 'Tsukiuta.' The official Twitter account for the first time in a year is 'Broken Heart Red'
The official Twitter account of Movic's character CD series ' Tsukiuta. ' is now that of the hero of justice 'Shitsuren Red' who heals the pain of broken hearts.

``Tsukiuta.'' will celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2023, but Broken Heart Red keeps the feeling of ``thank you for 10 years'' in his heart, and basically goes easy with glue and momentum.

The official Twitter account

of Tsukino Entertainment Productions , to which Broken Heart Red and characters belong, is carrying out April Fool's Day projects such as Arata Uzuki 's 'Uzuki Diary' animation project.

ECC opens a course for 'cat language' that you want to learn more than English
ECC, which operates English conversation schools and cram schools, has started a cat language course.

Of course, the passionate instructors are native speakers.


the official website , you can see the scouting and training of cute instructors.

There are also bilingual instructors who can speak human language, so you can learn cat language with confidence.

Now that the entrance fee is waived, I would like to prepare snacks and matatabi before attending the lesson.

Change the rule to decide which Vanguard goes first and second by Mushiking
Notice of rule change of Bushiroad 's trading card game ' Cardfight!! Vanguard ' has been released.

In the 'Fighter's Rules' that fighters participating in official tournaments and official tournaments must follow, the method of deciding 'first attack' and 'last attack' before starting a battle was conventionally 'each fighter will randomly choose which Determines whether the fighter is the first fighter.' In many cases, the first and second attacks were decided by rock-paper-scissors between players. However, under the changed Fighters Rules, the side that won the rock-paper-scissors using the “Mushiking Card” included in the booster pack “

Clash of Heroes ”, which will be released in June 2023, will go first.

Each player prepares a 'rock-paper-scissors deck' consisting of one musiking card with rock-paper-scissors and paper rock-paper-scissors icons on each side. Determine the winner who will go first according to the winning/losing chart on the Mushiking card. This new rule will be applied from 'June 4, 5023'.

Yuta Taneda's 'that' popular manga 'Diorama ni Coffee' will be made into a drama CD, with Daiki Yamashita and Junichi Toki participating as cast members.
Manga artist Yuta Taneda 's popular manga 'Diorama ni Coffee' has been made into a drama CD and part of it has been released on Twitter.

As it is a popular work, popular voice actors such as Mr.

Daiki Yamashita, Mr. Junichi Toki , and Mr. Mayu Yoshioka are gathered.

Actually, the work 'Coffee in Diorama' does not actually exist in the first place, and it is a one-shot story for April Fool's Day, including the drama CD. Mr. Toki called out to various people, and it is said that a magnificent April Fool's Day project was realized.

Mr. Yoshioka is in charge of not only the voice but also the script of the drama CD.

A masked muscle training YouTuber hijacks [Oshinoko]'s Twitter account

I am 'Pieyon', who calls himself a masked muscle training YouTuber, and has announced the opening of an official Twitter account.

When I checked what was going on, I found that the Twitter account of the manga [Oshi no Ko], whose anime will be broadcast from April 2023, has become [Pie no Ko].

The idol group Axelight has released a new product 'Japanese Axela Dome' that is 'super! Exciting!!'
The idol group Axelight , which debuted in 2022, will start handling the new product 'Japanese Axela Dome' at live houses and event venues nationwide.

It is said that it is

a 3D action game that says 'Shoot the ball into the opponent's goal!' ' Super! Exciting !! '

The manufacturer's suggested retail price is 8499 yen.

◆ Yamashita division manager soul dives into RPG for smartphones 'Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds'

From the following, it is possible to see the full version of the new service 'Yamashita no Kuni: Fool Worlds' official teaser PV.

[Ninocro] Heartful MMORPG 'Yamashita no Kuni: Fool Worlds' Official Teaser PV (Full)-YouTube

This man is the manager of the Yamashita division of Netmarble Japan, which handles 'Ninokuni: Cross Worlds'.

The story of Heartful MMORPG 'Yamashita no Kuni: Fool Worlds' is about Yamashita and his friends, who have soul-dive into the world of 'Ni no Kuni', adventure in the mysterious sleeping land 'Sagaruta' and save the world.

In addition, 'Yamashita no Kuni: Fool Worlds' is an April Fool's joke, but Sagaruta is really

a new area implemented in 'Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds'.

◆ Point Income launches “POINT HUNTER x HUNTER” campaign, a tribute to popular manga
' Point Income ', a website that allows you to earn points in cooperation with various services, has launched a campaign 'POINT HUNTER x HUNTER' that pays tribute to the super popular manga 'HUNTER x HUNTER' on April 1st.

By clearing various 'Poihan tests', you can get 'Jn (Johnny)' and earn rewards.

The unprecedented Pretty Cure All Stars ``We will protect your smile!'' will be released this spring
Twitter user Sekiguchi announced that the unprecedented Pretty Cure All Stars theatrical version `` We will protect your smile !! '' will be released this spring. It's certainly like an unprecedented All Stars, with characters other than Pretty Cure who have appeared in various old and new Pretty Cure.

ONE COMPATH of the walking application 'aruku&' starts paying employees' salaries with the in-game currency 'Pota Stone'
ONE COMPATH, which handles the application 'aruku&' that allows you to get T points and apply for sweepstakes by walking, has announced that it will pay its employees' salaries with the in-game currency 'Pota Stone'.

This is in response to the revision of the Labor Standards Act, which made it possible to pay salaries with digital money from April 1, 2023. In addition to regular salary payments, ONE COMPATH employees can choose 'Potastone payment' to receive 'Potastone' at the rate of 1 piece per yen.

'Potastone payment' is an April Fool's joke, but ONE COMPATH will distribute 410 potastones to employees when paying salaries in April 2023 to improve employee health and improve services. In addition, pota stones cannot be used for actual shopping or exchanged for money, but since it will be possible to receive up to three resident character requests at the same time, the chances of applying for prizes will increase.

◆ Special sheet music for the music game 'Phigros'
Phigros is a music game where you tap and swipe the falling notes to match the lines that move freely. A variety of playfulness is arranged. I heard that Phigros has a music score limited to April 1st, so I tried one of them.

On Phigros' official Twitter account, Phigros' main character Hato-chan complains about the heat.

Hato-chan also gives hints to the player, saying, 'I saw snow with the air conditioner on.'

So, let's play a song related to snow called 'Yukifuri, Merikuri'.

On the Phigros play screen, the difficulty level such as 'EZ' or 'HD' and the intensity of the current score are displayed like 'LV2' in the lower right corner. However, in 'Snowfall, Merikuri', the temperature is written as '26 degrees', so tap there.

Then, a hand with a remote control appears on the screen. When you tap the power button, the remote control lights up, so you can hit the minus button repeatedly to lower the set temperature for the hot pigeon.

When the remote controller's set temperature drops below 10 degrees, the screen becomes dark and the snow flickers.

If you lower it to 0 degrees, the screen will become even darker and switch.

Then, the title of the song was changed to 'I'll do my best to aim for 'Yukifuri, Merikuri' again this year!!' Then, the score of the amazing difficulty level runs around the screen with such a dizziness that you don't know what's going on.

When the song ended, I was able to see the jacket of 'I will do my best to aim for 'Yukifuri, Merikuri' again this year!'. On Twitter's '

#phigros ', there are players who are struggling with limited maps with different levels of difficulty, super plays that still hit high scores, and rumors of even more limited maps.

There is also a real campaign where E-idem's E-chan wins a 1000 yen Amazon gift certificate by retweeting Shi-chan
E-chan, the trademark of the recruitment site Eidem, has become Shi-chan. If you want E-chan to come back, retweet this tweet and 50 people will win an Amazon gift certificate worth 1000 yen by lottery. Yi-chan's disappearance is April Fool's Day, but the campaign is really going on.

The Twitter account of 'Mobile Suit Gundam Mercury Witch' is hijacked by Pale Technologies
The Twitter account of ' Mobile Suit Gundam Witch of Mercury ', which Season 2 will start in April 2023, has been hijacked by four people from Pale Technologies.

An announcement poster `` The direction of the wind seems to change '' where Nugen, Cal, Nebola, and Gorneri are elegantly lined up has also been released.

A new program 'Hero 3' will start where heroes with many worries save the world even though they are allies of justice
A new program 'Hero 3' will start, in which three people, Hero Red, Hero Green, and Hero Blue, who are allies of justice, will save the world.

Hero Red has a maximum speed of Mach 5, Hero Green has hearing that doesn't miss any sound, and Hero Blue has the healing power to heal wounds.

However, it seems that Hero Red is owed to pay for the repair costs of the destroyed city.

Hero Green can hear secrets that he doesn't want to hear, and seems to have become distrustful of people.

Hero Blue seems to be worried about triglycerides because he eats too much.

The next title is 'Confrontation! GOALOUS5!'. 'Hero 3' was an April Fools project of the web program '

GOALOUS5 ' featuring voice actors Kentaro Kumagai, Shohei Komatsu, Junta Terashima, Sogo Nakamura, and Toshinari Fukamachi.

Housing maker Sunpro opens 'super luxury mountain hut'
Sunpro, a housing manufacturer based in Nagano Prefecture, has opened a “super-high-performance, luxury mountain hut” in a resort area in Shinshu.

The appearance is so luxurious that you cannot associate it with the word 'mountain hut', but the location is unmistakably a mountain hut.

The interior is a luxury that you wouldn't expect from a mountain hut, and it is said that it achieves ultra-high insulation and keeps the temperature at 15 degrees even without heating.

A construction company in Hiroshima sells Fukuyama Castle's Fushimi turret type residence
' Sakamoto Komuten ' in Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture has announced the release of a house that reproduces the Fushimi Yagura, which is an important cultural property of Fukuyama Castle , which celebrated its 400th anniversary in 2022. It is a three-layer, three-story wooden structure with a total floor area of 320.23 square meters.

Mr. Ueda, who works as a concierge at Sakamoto Komuten, talks about the history of Fukuyama Castle Fushimi Turret with Mr.

Marutake Ebisu, who runs a YouTube channel that tours historical sites all over Japan. I'm talking about attraction.

The design proposed by Sakamoto Komuten is a white outer wall, but according to Mr. Marutake, Fushimi Castle was built by Hideyoshi Toyotomi, and Hideyoshi's castle is characterized by black boarding. Therefore, reflecting Marutake's desire to see the phantom black Fushimi Castle, a black outer wall was added as an option. The price is an unprecedented 4.1 billion yen.

◆Revelator SD Custom Figure Appears from MMORPG 'Tree of Savior'!
From the MMORPG ' Tree of Savior ', which is being distributed for free, ' MAO Goddess Laima-sama PICK Revelator Collection SD Custom Completed Figure ' has appeared. The price is 4,100,000,000,000 Hanamine petals, or 4.1 trillion Hanamine petals.

Surprisingly, this figure can be customized to the desired Revelator-sama appearance.

The official website has a link to the advance reservation page, so please check it out if you are interested.

Shiso Shochu Tantakatan's Twitter account is hijacked by Bocchiboromaru
The official Twitter account of Shiso Shochu Tantakatan , a liquor using red shiso from Shiranukacho, Hokkaido, has been hijacked by singer-songwriter Bochiboromaru .

It seems that 'Shinkaoru Osake

Tantakatan Tantanmen ' appeared over Bocchiboromaru's song 'Tantakatantantantanmen'. Bochiboromaru seems to invade the earth as well.

The homepage of the mysterious creature 'Hanpen-kun' has appeared
Singer Soraru's official Twitter has announced the launch of the Hanpen-kun homepage.

Hanpen-kun seems to have a pretty free personality. It looks delicious to eat...

It seems that he is active in a wide range of activities, such as traveling in space, planning to conquer the world, and lining up in supermarkets.

The goods corner is also quite substantial.

It seems that Hanpen-kun's goods can actually be ordered. It already had 15 reviews.

◆'Sore wa scatters cherry blossoms -Re:BIRTH- Girl's Side', 'Sore wa scatters cherry blossoms -Re:BIRTH- Boy's Side', and 'Kakeru Kagaku Yozora no Yoni Premature Edition' will be released! ?
Navel , creator of the remake of the love adventure game Sore wa Sore wa Chiru Sakura no Youni ' Sore wa Sore wa Chiru Sakura no Youni -Re:BIRTH- ', has released a video content ' Navel Soft Direct ' that reveals new information. Introduced three new titles. Navel Soft Direct is an introductory video very similar to Direct of some company .

Navel Soft Direct [2023.04.01]-YouTube

Mr. Junichi Miyake, a voice actor, will serve as a guide for Navel Soft Direct.

The first one introduced was another story about falling cherry blossoms, 'Sore wa Chiru Sakura no Yoni -Re:BIRTH- Girl's Side '.

This is the story of Mai Sakurai, a girl who returns to her hometown of Sakurazaka to go on to college. It is boys who meet in school life. Yamahiko Sagara, who has been a friend since the first grade, appears.

Makihime Makishima, a

junior who grew up in the same town as his childhood friend Komachi.

Yataro Asama is a homeroom teacher who is serious and a little inflexible.

A little scary, the owner of the infirmary, Hiroki Tanigawa, also appears.

The release is scheduled for 2043, 20 years later, so please wait a little longer.

The second song introduced was ' Sore wa Chiru Sakura no Yoni -Re:BIRTH- Boy's Side '.

The main character here is Maito Sakurai, a boy who has returned to his hometown of Sakurazaka to go on to college. However, the same people as Girl's Side will appear.

'Sore wa fluttering cherry blossoms -Re:BIRTH- Boy's Side' will be released in 2063, 20 years from now! ? is.

Finally, it was revealed that the precocious delivery of ' But the shining night sky, precocious version ' has been decided.

This is a new story about Kazuto Saeki and others who appeared in 'Sore wa Falling Cherry Blossoms'.

10 years after that, it is a story that will be spun again at Sakurazaka.

In addition, it seems that all the characters in this game are adults.

The rice cooker is ruled by Waddle Dee
A fan art has been posted about the character `` Waddle Dee '' appearing in the Kirby series of stars taking over the rice cooker. Whether the top of the rice cooker was warm and comfortable, the relaxed expression was very cute.

'Tsura turn' appeared from Kameda Seika
'Tsura Turn' has appeared from Kameda Seika, which manufactures and sells 'Happy Turn'. It is said that it has become a 'what a painful taste' with bitter powder. The unknown trivia that ``the antonym of tsura turn is happy turn'' was also revealed.

Simeji's official Twitter account is hijacked by a middle-aged uncle
The official Twitter account of the Japanese input application ' Simeji ' was hijacked by a middle-aged uncle, and a large number of tweets with uncle syntax were posted.

In a situation where tweets such as 'Sushi ???? favorite kana ❗❓✋❓' are posted.

Uncle reports that he took an early bath at 14:32.

However, it seems that the smartphone was picked up at 16 o'clock.

After that, Simeji, who returned to normal, posted an 'apology'.

Screening of Neue Gineiden's official spin-off 'Ginga Eiji Densetsu' begins
On the official Twitter of Neue Gineiden, the screening of the official spin-off 'Die Neue These' has been announced. In 'Gineiden', it seems that a presentation battle will be held in the conference room.

At the same time, diagnostic manufacturers also appeared.

It seems that they will diagnose who you can work with.

◆Delivery of “Tokimeki Planetarium”, a new romance game that “falls in love with a projector”
It turned out that the planetarium romance simulation game `` Tokimeki Planetarium (abbreviated as `` Tokipla '') '' released by `` Astroasi '' in 1993 will be reprinted as a smartphone version. This game is a story of living a school life with a real planetarium projector.

The year 2023 will mark the 100th anniversary of the

birth of the planetarium, and planetarium-related organizations around the world, including the Japan Planetarium Association, are planning the event. When it was reprinted to commemorate the 100th anniversary, the popular character 'Carl Zeiss Jena' in the original version was newly implemented, as well as digital planetarium characters such as 'Stella Dome' made by Astroasi. About. In addition, it seems that the second smartphone game 'Projector Ranbu (abbreviated as 'To Love')' is currently being prepared.

primaniacs succeeded in conversing with characters through fragrance by making full use of its proprietary technology 'TOKIMEKI'
Character fragrance specialty store primaniacs, which produces scents that express the charm of characters, reported that they succeeded in conversing with characters through fragrances.

It was a highly anticipated new product that was touted as 'every time you push the fragrance, words from that child appear♪', but commercialization was canceled due to a serious flaw.

ROCK/POP/CUTE Harajuku-based character design brand “HYPER CORE” opens a Hawaiian cafe <Ai Roha -Aloha-> in Harajuku.

HYPER CORE , a street brand from Harajuku, has announced that it will open a Hawaiian cafe, Airoha -Aloha-, in Harajuku.

At Ai Roha -Aloha-, dishes such as 'YAKINIKU DAISUKI Loco Moco' and 'Forbidden Ice Cream' will appear.

It seems that the caricature latte art by Mr.

Hisacy , the representative and illustration designer of HYPERCORE Co., Ltd., will be sold for 5000 yen.

◆ World Trigger turned into a V-Cinema
On the official Twitter of the manga ' World Trigger ' serialized in Jump Square, it is announced that World Trigger will be turned into a V cinema.

It seems that flashy actions will be performed like V cinema.

The standing positions of the main characters are as follows.

April Fool's Day Limited Mode ``Shisu Great Brawl'' Appears in Wilderness Action
In the wilderness action of Battle Royale FPS that can be played on smartphones, a special game mode 'Shisu Great Brawl' has appeared for a limited time on April Fool's Day.

It is a game mode where you can fight as your favorite sushi. The performance of the character is the same regardless of which sushi you choose.

When you choose how much, it looks like this. The whole body seems to explode with just one hit ... ....

Birth of “Life Wonders Host Club” from Life Wonders of Tokyo Afterschool Summoners & Live A Hero
Life Wonders , which develops smartphone games `` Tokyo Afterschool Summoners '' and `` Live A Hero '', has started the `` Life Wonders Host Club '', which is active only for one day.

'The best menu to color you and your host's night' is prepared.

In addition,

Shino Moritaka and Mokudai , who will continue to be in charge of public relations for Life Wonders in 2022 , have started a battle to make goods.

[Two people challenge!?] The battle for goods has begun! ! [What is the result !?]-YouTube

A project to 'how much can you withstand the strong wind of a super huge fan?'

It is a special video in which the two fight a fierce battle.

In addition, host-style voices by Life Wonders host members

Hitomi , Catoblepas , Hisaki , Riguza , Taurus Mask , and Ashigara are also available for limited release.

[LW Host Department] Lifewonders Character Host Style Voice Hitomi CV.Natsurei-YouTube

In addition, a free-to-play firewood splitting game ' Makiwa Rigza Kirikiri Makoihi ' is also available.

Firewood will flow from the edge of the screen, so tap or click to raise it up and split it at the right time.

If you break it at the right time, the Seishun FEVER gauge will accumulate, and when the gauge reaches MAX, you will enter Seishun FEVER time. You can earn a big score by hitting repeatedly.

You can get a paper pattern by clearing the mission.

The winery, SUNSET CELLARS, has released 'SUNPET CELLARS,' a voting-type original wine made with the winery cats.

The official page depicts the story of Oakie, Tannin, and Tomato struggling to make an “original wine”.

In addition, it seems that a blended wine called 'SUNPET CELLARS' is really made. If you are interested, please check

the official page .

◆ A giant slide was installed in the Osaka Castle tower.
Blogger Gorimon introduced a giant slide that will be installed at Osaka Castle.

It seems that such a leaflet was distributed.



◆McDonald's Mars first store opens! Going into space for the first time
McDonald's, a hamburger chain, has opened the first store on Mars after making its first space advance. McDonald's seems to sell Samurai Mac as a regular menu even on Mars.

It has been revealed that the new experience theme park “RED° TOKYO TOWER” in Tokyo Tower will be reborn as “GOLD° TOKYO TOWER”. A glittering image image is also posted.

``Tafugumi Jumbo'', which is bigger than Tafugumi, is now available
From the addictive highly elastic gummy “ Tafugumi ”, a super gigantic Tough gummy that exceeds the size of the palm of your hand, “Tafugumi Jumbo” has appeared. Although it is an April Fool's joke, a photo that looks like the real thing has been released, and it looks like you want to eat it once if you like gummies.

A popular product from FamilyMart, Famichiki-flavored toothpaste is now available
A toothpaste 'Famichiki Toothpaste' has appeared, which is an image of the juice and flavor that overflows when chewing Famichiki , a popular product of FamilyMart. The package has a picture of Famichiki and the letters 'Delicious!' FamilyMart's official Twitter has a hashtag ' #I wish there was ', but ....

NEET Co., Ltd. apologizes for failing to fulfill April Fool's Day, and really makes `` Neat bowl '' that is not Mastodon
NEET Co., Ltd. , where NEETs nationwide serve as directors, has established a new Mastodon instance “ NEET Don ” as a place for people who are NEETs, socially unfit people, socially vulnerable people, etc. to communicate freely.

NEET Co., Ltd., which is mostly

closed , had a special schedule for April 1st, `` the day when something happens ''.

After that, after an internal investigation, it was discovered that the NEET bowl, which was supposed to be an April Fool's Day project, was not an April Fool's Day, but a real event. NEET Co., Ltd. posted an apology.

In addition, the terms of use of neat bowls are made quite firmly, and it is a specification that shows the seriousness of NEET Co., Ltd.

◆ Cinnamon and others are bad
On the official Twitter of Sanrio's character 'Cinnamon', an illustration of Cinnamon and others transformed into a delinquent was posted. It seems that chiffon and cinnamon are in conflict over whether cinnamon rolls are bread or cake.

After that, he posted an illustration of Cinnamon and Chiffon eating cinnamon rolls together with the words 'I'm sorry.' It seems that we have made up safely.

Drinking '6P cheese' appeared from Megmilk Snow Brand
'6P (Roppy) cheese' famous for being packaged in a circle with 6 pieces of cheese finally became a drink. By type it is 'milk drink', so I am very curious about what it tastes like.

New appearance of liquid Jagarico in a can
On the official Twitter account of Jagariko, a snack with a crunchy texture, a liquid-type Jagarico in a can is announced. It's an April Fool's story, but it looks like potage soup and looks delicious.

Birth of environmentally friendly pine candy straws
Recently, more and more restaurants are offering paper straws in consideration of the environment.

After drinking a drink, it can be eaten deliciously as candy.

◆Ghana tissue
Ghana Chocolate's official Twitter has announced the release of Ghana Tissue. There are four types, each with a flavor. These tissues are sure to make your nose happy, but be careful not to accidentally eat them on an empty stomach.

Appearance of 'From Man Choco' where From Software work became Bikkuri Man Choco
FromSoftware , which has worked on popular titles such as the Elden Ring and Dark Souls series, has released 'Fromman Choco' in collaboration with Bikkuriman Choco. There are four types of Fromman chocolate series, as follows.

Dark man chocolate

bravo man chocolate

Sekiroman Choco

Eldeman Chocolate

◆The gyoza statue at Utsunomiya Station is about 4m high
The approximately 1.6m-high gyoza statue installed at the west exit of JR Utsunomiya Station was changed to approximately 4m in height from April 1, after receiving an opinion that 'I don't know where it is'. This will definitely make it easier to find.

It was also announced that 'Monthly GYOZA' will be published. The cover of the first issue is gyoza image & fried gyoza, a must-have item for gyoza enthusiasts.

◆ Twitter account of 'Sunday Theater' VIVANT '' hijacked by a cat
The official Twitter account of the drama ' Sunday Theater 'VIVANT' ' starring Masato Sakai, scheduled to be broadcast on TBS, has been hijacked by the cat Vivant. 'A collection of super-luxury cats representing the cat world!' Limit breaking! A cat adventure drama 'Starting this summer! ????'.

◆Haragami's character turns into a cat
The character of the free open world RPG 'Genshin' has turned into a cat. 'He's very quiet during the day, but at night he's very active.'

clear weather

Shinobu Kuki

The Wanderer has also become a cat.

Birth of ``Nchipnlip'' with the ratio of caramel and pudding reversed
'N Chip Pudding Lip', which has the ratio of caramel and pudding of Putchin Pudding reversed, has appeared. It is an irresistible dish for caramel lovers.

◆“Tokyo Banana Tree” Discovered
A tree that produces Tokyo's standard souvenir ' Tokyo Banana ' was discovered. BNN NEWS has delivered an image of a fluffy Tokyo Banana with a bow tie-like leaf.

Rilakkuma becomes a real bear
Rilakkuma is a character called 'a bear in a costume that continues to be taken care of while visiting the office lady Kaoru's house.' This is what Rilakkuma's official Twitter account introduced as 'Kigurumi Bear who suddenly settled in Kaoru's house'. Somehow it looks different than usual ...?

Hololive Production's first official YAGOO goods 'YAGOO life-size 1/1 scale action figure' appears
A life-size 1/1 scale action figure of Mr. Motoaki Tanigo (nickname: YAGOO), the founder of the VTuber agency Hololive Production, has appeared.

It is about 170 cm high and about 50 cm wide, and the materials are 'pudding' and 'wife's handmade hamburger'.

A cheki-style bromide card with an autograph is also included, and the price is about 85 million yen. In addition, the shipping time is scheduled after August 5, 8500.

◆ A faucet with your favorite sauce is now available
On the official Twitter account of Otafuku Sauce, 'a faucet with your favorite sauce' is introduced in a news program-like movie.

When you turn the faucet, your favorite sauce comes out. You can add as much sauce as you like without worrying about the amount, making it an irresistible gimmick for sauce lovers.

Customers lined up with a variety of dishes in hand, as advertised as ``suitable for any dish''. It would be convenient if there was one in the dining room.

◆Private room sauna 'RED° E-SAUNA' starts Neko Saunya
A private room sauna 'RED ゜ E-SAUNA' in Ueno, Tokyo has revealed that it has started 'Neko Saunya' that can be put together with cats. It is said that the indoor temperature is set to the appropriate temperature for the cat, and the cat's soothing effect will increase the 'too'.

Apollo Mountain and Apollo Village appear
On Meiji's official Twitter, a new sweet that combines the standard sweet 'Apollo' with 'Kinoko no Yama' and 'Takenoko no Sato' has appeared.

Both look delicious. As of 20:00 on April 1, there were more than 10,000 likes for more than 5,000 retweets, and this time the Yamasato War was a landslide victory.

◆ 774 inc.'s unannounced new business 'Game Development Division' has appeared 'Nanashi Inc. Boss Neko no Mystery'
Twitter user @paeton_ has released the unpublished game 'Nanashi Inc. Boss Neko no Mystery' by VTuber office 774 inc. In addition, a video of Suo Patra, a VTuber belonging to 774 inc.

Introducing a lip balm version of Cigare
On the official Twitter account of the confectionery brand Yoku Moku, an announcement is being made that Cigare will become a lip balm. It is said that it melts like butter, and even though it is a lip balm, the impression that it looks delicious is likely to come to mind first.

A Puniru Purupuru
Illustrator @8810mm released an image of 'April'. Collected over 6000 likes.

VΔLZ Nijipapetto sales decision
Kepu posted an illustration of 'Nijipapetto' of Nijisanji's unit 'VΔLZ'. It will be on sale from 24:34 on Saturday, April 1st.

◆ Calpis from the tap of the drinking fountain
The Calpis official has fulfilled the dream of 'I wish it came out of the tap of the drinking fountain'. An image of Calpis spouting from a polka-dotted faucet has been tweeted.

In addition, Asahi Beverage, which sells Calpis, once really served Calpis from the faucet.

Calpis from the faucet Touring 9 locations nationwide in commemoration of the 100th anniversary: Asahi Shimbun Digital

◆'UNITRACK' appears from KATO
KATO, which manufactures and sells N-gauge model railroads, has fully renewed its trackbed assembly type track ' UNITRACK' as ' UNITRACK' . Adopting a newly developed 'single wire expensive sushi girder', it faithfully reproduces the fresh and glossy appearance of sea urchin.

It is mandatory to put a fish picture on your back at the French embassy
In a tweet from the French embassy, it is introduced in a movie that it is compulsory to put a picture of a fish on your back and do your work on April 1st. It is a seemingly ordinary man who opened the door and entered ... ...

It has a picture of a fish on the back.

Even at meetings, everyone has a picture of a fish on their backs.

In Japan, April 1st is a day when it's okay to lie, but in France, it's a day to put a picture of a fish on your back.

Gold of Zespri leaves Kiwi Brothers after being kidnapped by a dog
Zespri's official character Gold has been taken away by a dog.

I'm worried about what will happen to the remaining greens in the future.

Introducing AI-equipped interactive Oronamin C drink
A new type of energy drink 'Oronamin C' equipped with AI has appeared. Equipped with a function that tells you when and how many bottles of Oronamin C you should drink, it is said that more than 200 kinds of sound sources such as the sound of opening the cap are recorded.

Yakitori sauce 'next door is a yakitori shop'
Kikkoman's official Twitter has announced the release of `` Neighbor is a yakitori restaurant '' as a sister product of the yakiniku sauce `` My house is a yakiniku restaurant ''. The pronunciation is not bad, but why next door? It seems to be difficult to answer when asked.

The Republic of Nauru grants nationality to Twitter followers
The official Twitter account of the Nauru Republic Tourism Bureau, which is often talked about on Twitter, said, ``The Republic of Nauru has decided to grant Nauru nationality to Twitter followers in commemoration of the development of friendship between Japan and Nauru.'' As a result, the population of the Republic of Nauru increased from 10,000 to 450,000.

◆ 'PlayStation University' opens on April 1st
The PlayStation official Twitter account has revealed that it will open a ``PlayStation University''.

It is said that you can live a bright game life at the university of PlayStation. In addition, the `` blue book '', which is essential for admission measures, is really made, and a limited campaign is being carried out to give it to one person. The PlayStation 5 controller 'DualSense' fits perfectly inside.

Opened a shop with a cat-shaped robot as the manager
The family restaurant Gusto's official Twitter account announced that a new restaurant will be opened with a cat-shaped robot serving as the manager.

The image of the store manager is as follows. Even if there is some mistake, if the store manager comes to apologize with this appearance, it seems to forgive anything.

The main visual of 'John on Stage' from 'Stage 'The Vampire Dies Soon'' has been released
The official Twitter account of the stage `` Vampire dies immediately '', which is a stage work of the manga `` Vampire dies immediately '', has released the main visual of `` John on stage '' in which the armadillo `` John '' appears in the work. . The work can be supported using a John-shaped penlight.

It is revealed that John on stage itself was an April Fool's lie, but John's penlight is said to be really produced as goods for the stage 'Vampire Dies Soon'.

◆Bamiyan's Nekorobo has a hidden command...?
On the family restaurant Bamiyan's official twitter, there is a message that something will happen if you stroke Nekorobo in the order of 'up, down, down, left, right, left, right, BA'.

Specific command locations are as follows. I feel like it's going to be equipped with missiles and barriers.

The moon is infinite Tsukuyomi
NARUTO's official Twitter account posted the following image with the comment, 'How is the moon...!?'

◆ Umeboshi becomes a tree
Umeboshi maker Umejuen posted an image of umeboshi growing on a tree on its official Twitter account, along with the message, ``Actually, umeboshi grow into trees!'' There should be some people who have been deceived for a moment because of the wonderful synthesis that is too uncomfortable.

'KitKat Ice' appeared from KitKat
To commemorate the 50th anniversary of KitKat's release in Japan, 'KitKat Ice' has finally appeared. The taste is 'Bitter Orange' and 'Pistachio Latte'

There are four types of 'chocolate mint' and '

peach melba '. 'It may be realized if the number of likes exceeds 10,000,' so expectations are high for commercialization. In addition, about 4 hours after posting, nearly 1000 likes have been gathered.

◆ Suppin Tyrolean with only cookie dough appeared
A cream-free version of ' Tyrolean ', a roll cookie with cream, has appeared.

'Suppin Tyrolean', which has become only cookie dough, seems to be really manufactured. A gift project is being held where 100 pieces will win 10 people.

◆ A trick to make HHKB unstamped
On HHKB's official Twitter, a movie introduces a command to erase the engraving on the keyboard. Enter 'up, down, down, left, right, left, right, BA' and press the enter key ...

The stamp disappears in order from the top.

Eventually it became unmarked.

Pokemon 'Imagination gacha I made'
Mr. @okihasA , who creates Pokemon modeling art, has released Pokemon's 'Fantasy Gacha'. There are 5 types of 'Sucked Pokemon' depicting Pokemon sucked by Madatsubomi and Love Kas.

There are 6 types of Pokemon that go on without noticing the glass and become flattened.

There are 5 types of Pokemon that got stuck in the body without being hit by the Pokemon ball.

A total of 6 types of Pokemon transformed by Metamon have been released.

◆ A large amount of shirotan is scattered
On Shirotan's official Twitter, there was an announcement that 'Shirotan is scattering 46 times more than usual'. It seems that inhaling shirotan makes you feel fluffy and makes you feel happy. I hope that the tree in the background will evolve to emit shirotan instead of pollen.

◆ Animation 'Aerospace Military History-SALAMANDER-' teaser PV (lie)
Doroni has released an illustration that embodies his desire to make the sci-fi novel series 'Aerospace Army History' drawn by Koshu Tani into an anime.

It is depicted down to the smallest detail.

It also seems to refer to the cruiser Salamander pursued by the Aerospace Force.

It is said to be 'delivered from April 2323 (it's a lie)'.

A large number of Poppo escapes from Dr. Willow's laboratory
Pokemon GO's official Twitter account states that Poppo has escaped from Dr. Willow's laboratory in large numbers. You can check how the escape is in the movie, so if you want to see how many Poppo escaped, please check it out.

◆ A useful image that can be used when a lie is exposed
On the official Twitter account of the Resident Evil series, a convenient image that can be used when a lie is exposed is released. I hope you are doing well today.

◆ Tokyo Dome removes the roof
The roof of the Tokyo Dome has been removed to reveal the view 'on the other side'.

A super giant Pocky that is 111 times the normal size is now available
A super huge Pocky with a height of 17.76m and a width of 9.99m has appeared. It seems that it was made to fulfill the wish of 'I want to eat my fill of Pocky', but it may be difficult to eat even one.

What is the state of Yoshinoya and Matsuya ...?
An image of a beef bowl was posted on the Yoshinoya official Twitter account of a beef bowl chain store, along with the words ``I will eat beef bowl today.'' However, if you look closely, this beef bowl is Matsuya's 'Gyumeshi'.

Immediately, in the reply column, Matsuya's official account tweeted, 'It looks just like Matsuya's beef rice!' On the other hand, if you check Matsuya's tweets...

Somehow an image very close to Yoshinoya's beef bowl was posted. With the tongs on the right side of the image, you can see the letters up to around 'YOS'.

In this post, Yoshinoya commented, ``I have a sense of déjà vu,'' but Matsuya succeeded in pushing it out as beef rice.

◆ That hairstyle (mash hair) will change the world! ?
It was announced that '

MASHLE- ' serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump will be broadcast as TV animation 'MASH-MASH-' from 24:00 on April 7th. A visual has been released in which all the characters appearing have the same mash hair as the main character's mash.

Also, it seems that the April issue of Hot Pepper has a 'mash hair feature'.

◆Chiroi bear is fluffy
Because Rilakkuma's friend 'Cairoi Koguma' didn't brush his hair, he became fluffy.

In addition, the usual appearance is like this.

Miffy grows eyebrows when left alone
Miffy, a rabbit familiar with a small mouth, seems to grow eyebrows. The brown eyebrows look good on the white body.

◆Vissel Kobe coach Takayuki Yoshida announces that next day's off day will be changed to practice after the match against Kyoto
Players changing clothes in the waiting room after the match against Kyoto Sanga FC. Director Yoshida comes and throws words of appreciation.

In the meantime, even though the next day was a day off, the coach said, 'I think you're tired, but I'll change to practice tomorrow.' The players raise their heads involuntarily.

However, immediately after it was revealed that it was April Fool's Day, it was a big excitement. You can see the unwinding side of the backstage.

'Cypher's Revenge' Game Mode Appears in VALORANT
A game mode trailer for the new game mode 'Cypher's Revenge' has been released on the official YouTube channel of the FPS game 'VALORANT'. At the beginning of the video Cypher is beaten up by various other agents.

With the message 'enough is enough', the cipher powers up and begins announcing the new mode. The new mode is that the powered-up cypher performs 1 to 5.

For example, it is possible to shoot an electric shock that 'restrains' the enemy from the camera.

Since almost no action can be performed in the restrained state, all you have to do is wait for Cipher to finish him off.

It also throws a Sheriff into the camera.

Then it is possible to shoot Sheriff by remote control.

The trap wire is also super strengthened.

'Cypher's Revenge' will be released on March 32nd, and unfortunately people who have reached April 1st can not play. Furthermore, it can only be played in Cypher's dream... It was all Cypher's dream.

◆Fuhrer, possessing white powder, will be appointed
The president, who is the leader of the evil secret society, the Hawk's Talon, has been recruited by the police. It is said that he only had white powder for drawing lines in the schoolyard, but it is doubtful whether it is true or not.

Marjong set made of Tyrolean chocolate is now on sale
The official Twitter of DECO Choco, which can make Tyrol chocolate with original packaging, has announced the start of sales of 'Chocolate Mahjong' made of chocolate.

This project is not a lie project, it can actually be purchased for 88 yen including tax per chocolate. By arranging all types, you will be able to play chocolate mahjong at home, and it seems good to purchase a combination that will fulfill your role and make it a gift.

Utako Suzuka's delivery, hijacked by a handsome boy
Shota appeared in the delivery of Utako Suzuka, a VTuber famous for shotacon. His name is Kouta Suzuka and he is Utako's cousin.

Important notice-YouTube

Comments such as 'Did you finally give birth?', 'Where did you get it from?'

In addition, Utako was back properly in the latter half of the delivery.

The official website of Uncle Isekai has a nostalgic design
The official website of the TV anime ``Isekai Ojisan'' has been transformed into a design reminiscent of the personal website of the good old days.

The images used for the character introductions are also free-style images that you may have seen somewhere.

``The Vote Update'' will be held to decide various parts by voting in Minecraft
In Minecraft, 'The Vote Update' was held to make it possible to change various laws by voting.

Depending on the vote in the game, the enemy changes to a rabbit ... ...

Release all living things from gravity ......

Producing a huge chicken ......

Get the power to turn everything you touch into gold...

Many elements in the game can be changed, such as making TNT look like a flower.

◆ Hands of love to GIGAZINE editorial staff!
If you read to the end of this, you should be a pretty April Fool's lover ... I have a request in anticipation of you ... Send a gift to the GIGAZINE editorial staff who continue to update the explosive speed from around 0 o'clock and support them please! The GIGAZINE editorial department is located in Ibaraki City, Osaka Prefecture, where Amazon's huge fully automated warehouse is located. The shortest record so far is that it arrived in about 3 hours after being clicked on Amazon. In other words, if you put it here now ... yes, you can give it to the GIGAZINE editorial staff in real time! Yay!

Amazon wish list here

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